A huge thank you to all involved

Dear Zindagi,

I am very thankful that you gave me a chance to live on this wonderful planet, earth although I would have been very very grateful if I was born in some other planet. Lol. Just kidding. I am seriously very thankful to you and my parents for giving me a life to live on earth. You gave me three chances of life. One in Jayamkondam, the second one in Trichy and the third one or current one in Chennai. I can not be more grateful to you.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me lovely parents who are not like most parents. They are overtly friendly and never push their opinions on me. Who will find such a great parents?

I have to thank my mother for being so patient with me. She is most probably one of the best moms in the world because she rarely gets angry and I never heard her shout. My father shouts but it will turn out to be funny. I thank God for giving such a lovely parents. I now wish to thank all my beautiful and cute uncles and aunts, cousin brothers and sisters , nieces and nephews,and of course my grandmother and grandfather for making my life so colorful.

I thank my parents for giving me a life and giving me a talented sibling with big brains. Dear zindagi, you know how I struggled with Business maths when I was studying my first year in Bachelor of commerce, I can not thank her enough for all the help she did for me by teaching me about a chapter which I do not remember at present. It was like eating bitter gourd but somehow I passed the exam. Thank goodness. If I have kept arrears my parents will feel very bad about it. So I sincerely thank my sister for all the help she gave me despite her school work.

I thank you for giving me a nice job and for giving me friendly colleagues who are like my own brothers and sisters. I would be more happy, if you gave me another opportunity to work in another company which I have laid eyes on. You know I have attended the interview, hope I get this job sooner. With my weight, I cannot walk long distances without breathing heavily. I feel cab facility in this company will suit me better even though I have to wake up for early shift.

My final words about my colleagues. Even though this is not the job I preferred in the first instance, I thank them wholeheartedly for their friendship. If I change to another job, I wish I will get colleagues like them who are so friendly in nature. With my big mouth I am not sure whether they will like me but I feel a bit nervous to get occupied with a new job.

Last but not the least, I thank God for creating me and giving me life. It would not be possible to meet all the lovely people I mentioned if He did not make a move. Thank you Lord. In the name of our father, son and holy spirit- Amen.

Finally I thank blogadda for giving me an opportunity to  be thankful for my life.

Thank you so much.

Love you Zindagi,


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Life is to be lived

Dear Zindagi,

In earth, there are all kinds of living beings. There are plants of different kinds, animals of different kinds, sea living creatures like octopuses, star fish, fish, etc and us human beings. I am not sure whether there is a God or not but I am not an atheist. For me, somebody has created the world and I call HIM/HER/IT, the supreme being. Many people asked me why I do not come to church and always give lame excuses.  I can not explain to them all that God is everywhere and they would not accept my answer. I can pray anytime and anywhere. These annoying questions made me ask them in anger, if there is God, “Who created God?” . They said me,”God himself”. What a lame answer.  How can God create Himself or Herself.

But I agree that some body has planted a seed and that is why we are all here. The supreme being has given us sixth sense to think logically, practically and most of all to communicate between our loved ones. The languages we speak is given by the Lord.  It is unique and totally different from other countries. Each country has different languages and the letters used in each country always amuses me. Who would have invented the languages?When I ponder over it, the answer came, the Lord.

When our ancestors were born they had very less facilities, now it is not like that. We have everything in our finger tip. If we want grocery items, we can buy it online at the comfort of our house.  If we want to wash our clothes, we have washing machines. If we want to clean our house, there is vacuum cleaner and we ca go on and on about the comfortable life we are leading.  Life is to be lived. We do not know our death date. We only know our birth date. Just imagine how our life would  be if our death date is written when we are born itself. How can we enjoy life if we know our painful fate.  That is why I want to stress, just enjoy your life as much as possible because we do not know how we are going to die but surely it will happen in the near future.

Many people take life for granted especially in Korea. Suicide deaths have been at a large extent because of fear of life and the aftermath of something. My advise is that all those who want to give up on life must watch the beggars and diseased people in homes and hospitals and then decide about killing themselves or taking life. What do you say dear Zindagi?

The supreme being is the one who planted a seed so we must be grateful for HIM/HER. We only know half of the story. I have heard people say this is the Kaliyug period . The world is going to end soon but I do not believe them. It is all rubbishes. The world will end itself when the right time comes. When the technology is at its peak and when there is nothing to invent by the scientists. Until then, Life goes on. I am very thankful for my life. I will always cherish the good memories and savor it and put the bad memories in the recycle bin. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to write about this, dear zindagi.

With love,


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.

A letter from my future me

My dear 16-year-old me,

I am you and I am currently 25 years old. I know you don’t believe me but it is true.

I just wanted to warn you about all the troubles and turmoils you are going to undergo in the near future. But be assured it is nothing compared to when you came from Jayamkondam to Trichy because of your father’s transfer of job. You are going to experience lot of changes physically and also mentally. I know you have set your bars so high nothing can stop you from achieving it. You always daydream about the secured life you are going to have in your future. I am more than happy to say all your wishes are going to be fulfilled although some of them are not. You can get relieved from the stress of school and college life. They were a mixed of both sad and happy memories.

Your college life will be more fun than your school life. What I want you to say is do not associate with people who want to being you down. There are small minded people and selfish people. Please pay attention to your studies in your college life rather than having fun. I know for sure you are going to regret it as you are me. I am telling you now in advance so that you can live more than a satisfactory life in your later years. Do not listen to some of your relatives and pay attention to your gut feelings and listen carefully what it says. Marriage is not your cup of tea. You are different from all your cousin sisters and work hard and marry at the age of 28 when your uncles, aunts, and brothers want you to marry at the age 0f 23. For you having a good carrier that pays a fair salary is more important than being a stay at home mother. I think you will pay heed to my advice and concentrate on your studies than daydream about your future. Live at the present moment and do not listen to anyone. You know what you are made of. You know what is right and wrong. So choose your battles carefully. You are in your sweet sixteen and when you reach 25, you will remember why I am saying this. Do not get meddled in other people’s business because every one has to carry their own baggage. Help others but do not go overboard. All people are not like you. They will not remember the good deeds done by you and rather be selfish to satisfy their own desires. Some of your colleagues are your very good friends and always accept their help and they also need help from you once in a while.

Love you.

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Eat home cooked foods

Eating better-Sometimes we forget that little things matter more than the big things. Why I am saying is that when I was living in Trichy, I ate healthy home made foods. We did not go to hotels too many times as always I ate food made by my mother during my school days and college days. But once we shifted to chennai, my younger sister got a job in a well known KPO company then a software company, we started to celebrate this by going to hotels near our home many a times.While my mother ate very little in hotel my father and my sister ate more including myself. Due to this habit I have to go to the hospital because I had breathing troubles.

Then a chest x-ray and an ECG was undertaken by the doctors. The result came normal but my blood tests and ultrasound scan were not normal. I had less haemoglobin and have to take iron tablets and vitamin tablets for that. I also had slight polycystic ovarian disease which is shortly known as PCOD. It can be found in many married and unmarried couples but this is not serious the doctor told. If I don’t reduce my weight in a year’s time, I will have diabetes, thyroid disease and infertility. The amount I have to pay for eating junk foods.

I was 55 kg in Trichy and when we started living in chennai eating hotel foods more often my weight raised at an alarming rate. My weight is currently 62 kg. The doctor advised me to exercise a lot as I have to deal with PCOD too along with breathing problems which has turned out to be anxiety disorder. My breathing problem is due to my weight again also. I am finding it very hard to reduce my weight like I used to. So I am sharing my life experiences to let you all warn about the risk of not eating better food that harms your heart.

Staying active

With only home cooked meals and after saying no to all fast foods, now I feel I can decrease my weight if I put my heart and mind into the cause. My office is very far so I always do a brisk walk to the share auto stop and then a bus stop.But as I have PCOD it is very hard to reduce the weight. Last time I checked it was sixty two before that it was sixty three.

So what I am trying to say to all is that don’t put on so much weight. You will get heart disease than other people who are slim or thin. Take care of your heart by maintaining a balanced weight. Most of the disease in the world is because of not taking care of the heart. Make the right choice of cooking using the oil that does not harm your heart. Heart failure, heart attack, and many other heart related problems occur because of bad oil. Always stay active if you eat too much junk foods you may regret it later on in your life.

What I am doing to keep my heart healthy and happy?

In the morning, we start the day by drinking fruit juice including carrot juice.
In the afternoon, along with variety rice home cooked vegetables for side dish.
During night time, either dosa or rice.

Happiness can be achieved when we are healthy and active. Nothing can replace joy and happiness if we eat home cooked foods made in oil such as Saffolalife.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.

For a sound, healthy heart

A sound heart and mind is needed for a healthy lifestyle. For that to happen we have to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. We should not neglect greeny vegetables especially. That is why our elders are more healthy and stronger than us. I have seen my grandfather since childhood. He walks both in the morning sharp at 5 o’ clock am and in the evening 5 o’clock pm. He walks briskly even at the age of eighty six. Everyone in my family say that my grandmother looks more healthier than my mother I agree with this statement. My mother has blood pressure and my father has cholesterol. My uncles and aunts too have some problems such as diabetes, etc. Why my grandparents had no health problems?I do not have to answer this question as you all know well. While I am lazy at many times they are staying very active. How it is possible because they don’t eat junk foods like most of us.

In my point of view what I(you)should do to keep my(your) heart well and happy

I will make a comparison between how our ancestors lived and how we are living in this fast moving world. We are born yesterday and the average life span of humans today is sixty I suppose. But in Christianity in the bible it says people have lived more than thousand years. I do no know whether it is true or not. There is no scientific proof for that. My guess is that it may be true indeed because my uncle’s mother is ninety seven years old and how she was able to live? Will she cross hundred years, hell yes. How was she managed to be healthy without a sign of any disease? It is simply amazing too.

I am not sure whether I will be able to live that many longer. But in order to save myself against early death, I have to eat healthy food. Without the help of saffolalife how can I do that.

Always eat better –Our heart must be healthy otherwise we will get many heart problems other than heart attacks. All problems regarding health occurs only because of not taking the right food that strengthens the heart.

Saffola oil helps to manage the heart well by decreasing the chance of cholesterol, heart attacks, and many other heart problems. Irregular heart beats will get stabilized once we start eating foods that are cooked in best oil like Saffolalife.

We can not neglect our heart condition otherwise we will not live that longer like our grandparents or like our ancestors. That is why cooking food in Saffola oil is a must in every household. Let us better be safe than sorry.

I conclude by saying that our heart’s health is not a child’s play. It should be well taken care of. So a single mistake in our food lifestyle can make matters worse. I hope this helps you understand what I am trying to say.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Inside the diary of a female journalist

She cried for help but nobody answered. It was so dark outside. The evil men tore off her clothes and took turns to rape her. These demons struck her mouth with her own clothes. She was suffocating. She could die any moment.They also didn’t mind her profuse bleeding due to her vaginal tear.

By “she” it could be any female. She may be a girl child, a teenager or a grownup woman. She could be anybody. She could be your sister, your sister-in-law, your cousin, your classmate, your best friend, your daughter. She could be anybody.

The newspaper read 80 men raped a single woman repeatedly by holding her captive for many days. The woman last the count of men by whom she was raped. Another heart wrenching news within that day. A five year old child was raped by her own grandfather.More ugly news of rape filled the newspapers. Everybody in India became used to the word “Rape” including the female gender.

India became the first largest country that is not safe for a girl child to be born. This couldn’t stop all women to protest. Indian women got used to the word “rape” and began protesting along with the decent men.Does that help? The answer is a “no”.

It is sad of course the state of a female child has become a question mark. Mothers were apprehensive of sending their female child to schools and colleges even it is not co-ed education for they were aware “ A girl is a girl”. The root cause for rape are the films so the elders say. They argue that semi-nude and nude, bold stunts by actresses and the violence shown in films forms the basis for rape, murder and other major crimes in India. How true it is?

Where men were growing violent day by day, the women were growing silent feeling helpless. There were very less fast track courts in India. Once the case is being filed and the rapists has been caught, it took months to put the culprits behind bars. Many upper class rapists were let free because of narrow minded lawyers who would not stop until they have won because they are paid hefty fees for that. They safeguard the dignity of their women and girl children but not the others.

If a woman can walk boldly on night, it is a great miracle. That day all females in India can celebrate Independence day. Will that just be a dream and nothing more?Only time will tell.

Image result for nirbhaya case protesters

Image Courtesy : www.vagabomb.com

Nilima stopped writing for she finished writing all her thoughts about the state of female in India. She opened a blank notebook to write more but what stopped her was the tears that flowed through her eyes incessantly. She felt ashamed to be born in India. She hated her parents for giving birth to her. She hated all men even her own father, uncles, cousins, and every single men she came in contact with. She hated the education system which didn’t help even a tidbit to teach the children about how to differentiate right from wrong. But behind her smooth facade, she hid this aspect of her. She didn’t know how to help her sisters subjected to violence and rape. So she joined an NGO and began helping the raped girls and women to stand up on their own leg and be an example to all the other women and even men. She managed to continue writing on her notebook, cowards rape and before she could end the sentence her ink pen’s nib broke.

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In today’s age, electronics have become the most primary thing. We cannot live without them. Fan, TV, Heater, AC, Mobile phones, Computers, Mixer and Juicers,Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Internet, Printers, Scanners, etc including those machines that runs in companiess and hospitals, we cannot neglect electronics just like that.

In short electronics has become a part of our life and it will continue to be so in the future too to make our life more easier and simpler.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

My father is an avid reader. He is always into reading multiple newspapers, magazines both Tamil and English. I can say that my father is very intelligent because of this fact. I want to gift him the above kindle if I win. Even if i don’t win, i can ask my father openly what he wants so what I buy does not go waste. There’s an advantage that even if i buy this for him , i can utilize the same for reading purposes.

Lenovo A7-30 8GB (WiFi 3G)

As i said in an earlier post that I want to buy my father, a samsung mobile but I am willling to try Lenova because on the first instance I am attracted to it and saw that it has many qualities that Samsung has. I want the color to be white but anyway, all my father’s previous mobile phones were all black. It will be a change for him apart from having an usual colored mobile phone. He always changes his mobile phone whenver new technology of producing mobile phones with attractive features is found around the corner.

Apple iPad Air 2

It is an apple IPad who wouldn’t want that. My mother’s tablet which was gifted by younger sister as a birthday present broke. So my mother will be thrilled if i buy her this. There are so many apps can be downloaded with the aid of this IPad and my mother usually sleeps in the afternoon after playing candy crush. She is now playing approximately around hundred level in this famous game. She also has had similar games before that but now she is into playing this vigorous to reach higher level. I would love to see her if she reaches the final level. A must buy. My sister works in a software company, so she will tell my mother about all the apps and how to download other important apps and games.

8M 310 Smart Movie Box

Last but not the least, I would love to buy this smart movie box to have it in our house for our TV. Cash on delivery is available in Flipkart while this box  is not currently available in Amazon. Go and have a look at it, if you need it badly in your house.

If you like any of these electronics, you can buy from my own personal store. The link is as follows.


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