Just Hurry #CleanUpCashOut

I have been using my laptop for more than 7 years. It has become old and whenever I wish to sell this laptop to buy a brand new one, I am a bit hesitant because it will be sold for a much lesser amount. It is a waste of time and loss of huge money. I am petrified. That is why an idea came to my mind that is to buy a new one and keep my old one as a treasure. It’s not that big deal, right? But when I accidently found Cashify.com and saw its benefits, I was like, “wow”. The numerous benefits cannot be put into mere words. I was excited and at the same time, I was very confident that my laptop will be sold for a reasonable rate much to my delight. I have heard many stories about selling of a very costly cellphones for a very lower rate due to the depreciation. But Cashify.com sounds to me like God sent. It is too good to be true. I have put up my laptop for sale and now waiting for a good price.

Mobile phones, TV, Tablet, gaming consoles, imac and many more electronic gadgets can be sold in Cashify.com. Since they are trustworthy, buyers are eager to buy the devices. In order to sell our devices, we have to first log in and select our device model. They will help us to unlock the bestselling prices according to the respective device condition. What is even greater is that they will arrange for a free pick up. Based on our payment preferences, cash will be paid to us.

Apart from selling things on Cashify.com, we can also get our mobile phones repaired. It is getting more exciting, isn’t it? Just think about selling your electronic gadgets in a shop. You explain patiently to the shop owner about the good condition of your device. But he simply won’t budge. You wonder whether he is a statue. Whatever you say, it is as if it fell in deaf ears. You went to convince him instead he is convincing to sell your device for a much lower rate. The excruciating pain cannot be explained. That is why Cashify.com is one of the best. Just go and try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed just like me.

Let me tell you a real story. My brother who worked as a software engineer wanted to buy a car. As it was his first time, he did not want to risk buying a new one. He was very firm on his decision. He learnt driving within a month. Now all he needed was a car to drive in and around the city. He searched online and read articles about various cars. Months went by but he has not zeroed in on any cars. He asked all of his friends. They all said different things. Finally, he asked my uncle to sell his car. My uncle who is a gentleman did not agree because the car was very old. He requested my brother to buy a new one.  But my brother eventually convinced my uncle. My uncle bought a new car with the sold money. My brother happily took the car to his office daily. Now my brother is working in America. My uncle’s car formed the basis for all cars that he is driving now in America. Just imagine. Can you sell your laptop or any of your electronic gadgets with a peaceful heart to a third party who is no way related to you? You will have so many doubts. You will not be satisfied with the amount that they are offering.  But Cashify.com is different. You can blindly put your trust.

If you include the coupon code CLEANCASH, you will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets. Wonderful, isn’t it? So please hurry. It’s time to  #CleanUpCashOut

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The lie

This really happened when I was studying in school. Some people may think this story as silly but anyway let me share the story about my foolishness. I studied in a Montessori school from 6th std to 10th std.  I was a newbie and I hardly made any friends. I befriended a 7th std student. We used to talk a lot after school hours until our  auto comes. One day she told me her love story. That’s what I thought. I believed her.

The gossip was this.  In her class, the school director’s nephew studies. One day, he proposed to her it seems. She was awestruck. He was a very handsome guy.  But this girl is a short girl yet cute. She said she don’t know what to tell to him. She told me, “Shhh! Don’t tell anyone”. I hate gossiping. So I didn’t discuss it with anyone in our class.

My family shifted to a house nearby my school. So I went home early. I didn’t meet her after that. Then two years later, my school Annual day was nearing. We were part of a play. Me, that girl, my friend and her friend were chatting between breaks.

I asked her about her love life. She was acting as if she doesn’t know anything. I was dumbfounded. I told her, it was she who told me this news. “Now why are you acting as if nothing happened?” I shouted at her. She again told me that she never told me such news. I was very angry but I controlled myself. I was being cool.

Me and my friend were talking after that incident. My friend told me that girl is a big liar. It was true. This girl only loved that boy. He didn’t. I was convinced.  From that day onwards, I am very alert. If someone asks you to believe her or him, first verify the facts. Later, believe or don’t believe.

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Sibling love

25 years ago

‘Shalu, where is my chemistry book? I know you took it and God knows where you have kept it. I can’t believe this.  I have my test tomorrow’.

‘It’s in the upper shelf only. If you look closer, you will find it’.

Rahul searches the upper shelf.

‘Yeah, I have got it. How many times I tell you, keep my books as it is’.

‘You study then keep your books on the floor. What shall I do? It is my responsibility to clean the whole house. I have told you many times, be responsible. You don’t give a damn’.


Shalu is the elder child of her family. Rahul is her younger sibling. As it happens in all houses, their fighting never has an ending. Their fight for silly things.

Her parents are one of the great parents in the world. But what to do if both their children’s age difference is just one year. These two always keep fighting. Shalu is studying in 12th std while Rahul is in 11th. There is one thing that is good about these two is that they are both studious. But there is no sibling love. That’s what they both thought.


Rahul now lives in Canada. He has two children named Rohan and Tara. They both are twins studying in senior high school. Shalu lives in Chennai. She has one daughter named Praneetha. She has completed her twelfth with distinction. Now she wants to study in Canada.

Shalu phoned Rahul and enquired about the best colleges. They both keep in touch nowadays. Rahul is very happy to meet his niece.

This is what happens in all the houses. Isn’t it? Siblings fight a lot when they are young. But once they grow up, they forget all about their misunderstandings and behave as if they have never fought. Life is a box of surprises.

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Air pollution how to curb it

Air pollution is one of the greatest problem in India. We Indians have to deal with air pollution daily. What can we do to reduce this pollution? While we go out in the open, there is no solution to this bugging problem which makes our country leaders break their heads. But we can reduce the intensity of air pollution in our home. Schools, colleges, big industries, even hospital including there is a source of threat because of air pollution.

How can we purify or avoid air in our respective homes? There is a solution. Let me state everything in detail. Please do incorporate it in your house.

Cleanliniess is next to godliness

Million tims this proverb has been said. A clean home is a ticket to happiness.It gives a good vibe to the people who live in such homes. So daily clean your house and make it a habit to clean your house at least thrice in a week.

Clean your bathroom and toilet

Thumbs up if you clean your bathroom daily. You are really. great. Now what about your toilet? You have to clean that also because in bathrooms and toilets only here are many disease inducing germs. So please make it a habit to clean your bathrooms and toilets daily after use it. Ask your children and spouse also do the same. You will feel it is worth it.


So you have a garden in your house? If you do not clean it, it will be a great loss even when you clean your house and bathroom. The impure air from the outside will enter every time you open the door. Hence be very alert. Do not use pesticides in your garden. Use natural insecticides in your garden. You can also use vegetable waste and egg waste to your beautiful garden.

Good paint for your whole wall

Your house is clean. Your bathroom is clean and your garden is also clean. Then what????Is it enough. No it is not. You may be wondering what I am going to tell you. Let me put it this way. What if your has many cracks and holes? Bacteria will enter your house for  sure. Are you surprised?If your floor has cracks, there is a big chance your family members and yourself will get diseases. So make it a habit to paint your house with good paint once a year.

Wall paints by Royale Atmos-What are the benefits

Royale Atmos is one hell of a good paint that you can use it for your house without judging. It has more benefits. It purifies the air in your house and makes your house bacteria free. Let us see some of the benefits of Royal Atmos.

1)It has activated carbon technology  that reduces air pollutants in your house.

2)It acts a air refrehener and makes you feel fresh always.

3)It has good fragrance than chemical smell of paints which creates many problems.

4)It has good safety standards.

5)It makes your wall perfect.

I hope you now have got an idea about Royale atmos and why you opt for it than other paints found in the market. Please do buy it and see the difference. There are a huge number of colors offered asian paints. So you can choose whichever color you want. You can be picky.

Finally, let me say this alone. A clean house is a sure ticket to heaven. If your house is clean, you breath fresh air. It gives you contentment. It makes you think clearly. Your mind is peaceful. You will always be happy with joy.  You will rejoice eveyday. If you are homemaker, your husband will come to your house with lots of love.


How to keep ourselves healthy-my tips

Who likes being not healthy? Nobody does. Why alone me????Let me share of the things that I feel right for a healthy and prosperous life.

Always eat right at the right time 

Even if you eat right, you should eat at the right time. Eat breakfast on between 7 am to 8 am. Eat lunch between 1 pm to 2 pm. Eat dinner between 7 pm to 8 pm. If you don’t follow a strict routine, your health is only going to spoil. So eat right at the right time to keep diseases at bay. You should eat more food during breakfast and eat less during lunch and dinner.

Find a purpose in life

If you do not find a purpose in life, you will not lead a happy life. You will be demotivated. First list down all the things that makes you happy. Then thank God for it. Daily make it a habit to remember your happy moments and boost your energy level. You will be highly transformed into a beautiful soul. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Concentrate on your plus points but remember the minus points to turn them into a plus.

Treat yourself

Whenever you accomplish something, treat yourself with a reward. Whether it is a job promotion or just something you have bought for your house or you had a new baby, treat yourself. Your spirit will soar high. Do not worry about anything. If you keep worrying, you will not find a solution to your problem. So please be happy and your outlook to see the problem will be a positive one.

Avoid smoking 

Smoking is injurious to health and we know it very well. Then why do many people smoke. The answer is in order to forget the stress which is just a excuse. They may be right. But it causes cancer. They know this too but they are not willing to change. If you are a chain smoker, please do avoid it any cost because your depression will increase more if you smoke. It will not reduce.

Go for an outing

Once in a while, spend some quality with your family and friends. It will de-stress you. You can go to departmental stores with your family if you have not done this before, you can go to a museum, you can go for a picnic, you can visit the place of your close relative who has been calling you for a long time but you have been postponing it just because you are busy. Do this for your family’s wellbeing.


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Being healthy is very easy

Health is always important to me. When I was studying in college, my weight was barely 40 kg. I was very lean, my relatives will always ask me to increase weight. Whenever I go to their house, their main concern is my weight. This formed my major displeasure and reluctance to visit their house often. But surprisingly, today my weight is 59 kg. This was possible only because I was very particular about my health after finishing my college. I tried every healthy recipe that can be found on the internet and cooked it in my home. Although, my ideal weight should be 55 kg, nobody can deny that I am on a healthier side. Let me state some of my health tips that you can also incorporate in your lives.

Listen to soothing music

Most of us lead a hectic life. In order to overcome the stress, we have to listen to good music that is pleasing to our soul.

Do exercise

Whether we are fat or lean, we need to exercise as it keeps us fit. We can do squats, yoga, power yoga, pushups, plank, and lunges or just go for a walk, etc. Exercise is one of the best remedy to avoid bloating.

Always be busy

Time is precious. We have heard it many times and we know it is indeed true. So we should not waste our time. We should keep ourselves busy by doing household chores, watering the garden, talking to kids and elders, blogging, etc.


Dehydration creates more problems to our health. So we should drink plenty of liquids in order to keep ourselves hydrated. This will in turn help us to concentrate on more important things in our life.

Eat less calorie food

We should eat less calorie food. Avoid carbohydrate rich foods like rice. Skip foods made in Maida totally as it poses a great threat to our body. The plate must look colorful to one’s eye.

Get regular check up

No matter how healthy or unhealthy we are, we must go to the doctor to check our health at least once a year. This will give us a clue as to where we are going wrong regarding our health.

Health plays a crucial role in one’s life. We should not neglect health just like that. I hope the above tips are useful to you. Please incorporate it in your life if you have not done this before. You can also share your tips with me by commenting below. Others have a happy and healthy life.


I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

Grandparents-my world

My grandparents have always been a pillar of support to me. They are the backbones to my otherwise dull life. My grandparents have eight children of which my mother is their third child. Just imagine how much struggle they would have undergone to raise each children. I salute to them. They are a true inspiration to today’s youths. My grandmother is 10 years younger than my grandfather and when my grandmother was born in Kerala, my grandfather’s family went to see her as they are a distant relative. My grandfather now recalls he totally fell in love with grandmother at that young age by seeing my grandmother’s very fair skin.

He did not know that one day he is going to marry that child. My grandmother was 16 when she married my grandfather. He was a college professor. Soon my uncle was born. Two years later my aunt was born. Then my mother. After that my second uncle and aunts were all born. It was a very difficult period for my grandmother. My grandfather atleast goes to college but my grandmother has to make all the children go to school and take care of them all. It was a very difficult task but she embraced the challenge with open arms. When my mother was 15, my last aunt was born. When my first aunt was married, my younger aunt was just five years old. The difference between my cousin sister and my younger aunt is just six years old.

My grandfather married off his daughters one by one because a doctor who is a also a good friend told him that his days are numbered. So he immediately married them to finish off his responsibilities as a father. But now he is eighty seven years and very healthy.  That doctor is also alive today he says it is a great miracle that my grandfather is alive.

My grandmother and grandfather are wonderful people. They have shown that whatever storm happens in one’s life, it too will pass by standing united. Today I am very happy to say unlike many of my friends whose grandparents have died and they do not know what is the meaning of grandparents love, I am glad God has given me the opportunity to experience their love. Thank you, Lord.

For years, I haven’t celebrated grandparent’s day because I never knew such a day existed. Now I thank blogadda for making me realize my mistake. I will now celebrate grandparents day with my grandparents by talking to them often. They don’t accept gifts because they already have everything they needed. They will tell their house will look like a dungeon. That is the reason they politely refuse to accept gifts.

I will talk to my grandparents on Grandparents day and tell them how happy I am to have them. My grandmother uses whatsapp and facebook, so I will tag them there and show my love.  #LoveJatao.

”I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed”.