Meaning of Half girlfriend-my experience

I have never been in a half relationship but have witnessed many. Half girlfriend means a girl or a woman not really into the man but does not like him the way the boy wants. I mean like a lover. He is just a friend to him, a girl friend. I was always skeptical about such relationships. When I was studying in Bishop Heber College (it’s a co-ed college)  where girls casually speak with boys. I did my masters degree there. I was not always comfortable speaking to guys. So spoke less.

One of the boy in my class spoke to me and messaged me in my Facebook account. I did not mind his advances. But did not reply to him after a fight began in FB account where everyone in my FB account watched it and my classmates indirectly teased. Here I want to stress everything was fine before I spoke to him. He spoke nicely and behaved well when I first met him. We did not talk during the college timings. Only on FB we spoke. Period. Why did he have to misuse me for his needs? Am I a puppet? He is a north Indian while I am south Indian and also he is two years younger than me. If he has thought I am his girlfriend then he is wrong. I just quit the college in my second year because of two guys. I discontinued my studies and did not write the correspondence course exam in 2015. My life is wasted.I was Half girlfirend to him even though he was engaged at that time.

Another such incident happened in my own class. There was this girl and a boy who dated since their school days. They also go to same church. Their families knew their love story. They have accepted them. But what was wrong was the boy one day not able to tolerate the girl’s doings which I don’t know as I quit the college beated her and she fainted there itself. This relationship I name it as Half girlfriend.

Every single day we see in divorce courts many couples standing against each other, abusing each other, say as many bad things about each other and what else, everything is over between them in the court itself. Their relationship is over. What happened to them?If it’s an arranged marriage what went wrong?If it is a love marriage what is this bullshit?Is that what they did,love? It is pure lust or call it infatuation. Half girlfriend means half girlfriend. The one you cannot marry but have her as a friend, a girl friend or a friend they are infatuated. This is better than marriage.I now ask you people who read this, Am I right or wrong?


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