Be a part of healthy relationships

In India, there is a social taboo even after the boyfriend and girlfriend term have become most common these days. There is still parents wanting to protect their children from falling into the trap. They create a cocoon and watch their children closely as if somebody is trying to harm their children anytime. This is just a fact. I am not lying. My parents are real proof. As a young woman, I know my limits. I do not cross the line my parents put. If I get married it will be an arranged marriage only.

My parents have been in a happy relationship for more than 30 years, then why can’t I be?I agree these days are different from those days. The modernised world indeed have corrupted young minds. But many do not fall into the trap. I can honestly say. Rape, gang rape, molestation, murder of young girls and woman, acid attacks are the only things we read mostly in today’s newspapers. Girls lives are threatened. So the parents of today’s girl children have more alert and alert. They know what is right , what is wrong?They are like a night watchman to their children. If their children ask for a cellphone that too android phone, they ask too many questions. Their children must answer it.

The boys cannot win the love of a protected girl children. They can just be a friend to them not a boy friend OR can I say they are just a half boyfriend may be to be precise. Girl children means a lot to the parents. They care for them, they are the world to them. If their girls lives are shattered they live like a corpse.

Half girlfriend is not a bad word. It’s a good word actually. Boys get friendship and he is satisfied. It may be jeopardized only when the boy cross his limits. Where there is a will, there is a way. Half boyfriend or half girlfriend is a good step taken by the boys and girls of today. It is a healthy culture. This culture must continue in the next century too and be successful. Parents should be proud of their children not be abashed about their girls and boys. I am honestly of the opinion, boys and girls can be friends not lovers. I have seen in soap operas and even in many movies. So why can’t it be successful in real life? Am I correct? If I am wrong please do correct me. In Big Bang theory, an English soap opera, the character Sheldon Cooper calls his girlfriend “A FRIEND WHO IS A GIRL”. I hope you all got it by now.


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