More successful than they think

What can I say? I am a female in India, currently unemployed but searching for a new job. Are you thinking the whole day I am free? No. I win the day by helping my mother in her daily chores and browse through the Internet for some freelancing gigs. I am always successful in getting gigs online.

Being an Indian, I get online vouchers by answering surveys on Panel station and browse through google for free samples to try out in India. I am always successful. Sometimes I fail too but the thirst for winning doesn’t stop me. I win, I lose. The game is ridiculously funny but it is worth it.

I got lot of vouchers by entering various contests. It takes care of my day to day needs. Being an Indian has its own advantages and disadvantages. I do not want to concentrate on the disadvantages. So let me just concentrate on the best part of being an Indian.There are so many opportunities in the job sector too for us especially if you are a female employee you get a cab free ride to your house. You are picked up from your house and dropped too. This facility cannot be found in any other country as far as I am aware. Although in some foreign countries, female employees have their own cars, it will not be a enjoyable ride.

In India, there are lots of opportunities in the IT sector and BPO sector. More and more people are getting hired daily. I am also looking for such opportunities right now and hope to win in the growing sector. Meanwhile, I want to pray to God for giving me two wonderful persons who I call mom and dad. Can’t be more thankful.

More Indian than you think is an impressive statement that defines our country but it best suits Lufthansa more. The foreigners competitive nature with Indians amuses me. We are a developing nation but they are developed country. It indeed makes me proud of our country. I guess this means Indians are more intelligent than them.#MoreIndianThanYouThink


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