Meaning of Half girlfriend-my experience

I have never been in a half relationship but have witnessed many. Half girlfriend means a girl or a woman not really into the man but does not like him the way the boy wants. I mean like a lover. He is just a friend to him, a girl friend. I was always skeptical about such relationships. When I was studying in Bishop Heber College (it’s a co-ed college)  where girls casually speak with boys. I did my masters degree there. I was not always comfortable speaking to guys. So spoke less.

One of the boy in my class spoke to me and messaged me in my Facebook account. I did not mind his advances. But did not reply to him after a fight began in FB account where everyone in my FB account watched it and my classmates indirectly teased. Here I want to stress everything was fine before I spoke to him. He spoke nicely and behaved well when I first met him. We did not talk during the college timings. Only on FB we spoke. Period. Why did he have to misuse me for his needs? Am I a puppet? He is a north Indian while I am south Indian and also he is two years younger than me. If he has thought I am his girlfriend then he is wrong. I just quit the college in my second year because of two guys. I discontinued my studies and did not write the correspondence course exam in 2015. My life is wasted.I was Half girlfirend to him even though he was engaged at that time.

Another such incident happened in my own class. There was this girl and a boy who dated since their school days. They also go to same church. Their families knew their love story. They have accepted them. But what was wrong was the boy one day not able to tolerate the girl’s doings which I don’t know as I quit the college beated her and she fainted there itself. This relationship I name it as Half girlfriend.

Every single day we see in divorce courts many couples standing against each other, abusing each other, say as many bad things about each other and what else, everything is over between them in the court itself. Their relationship is over. What happened to them?If it’s an arranged marriage what went wrong?If it is a love marriage what is this bullshit?Is that what they did,love? It is pure lust or call it infatuation. Half girlfriend means half girlfriend. The one you cannot marry but have her as a friend, a girl friend or a friend they are infatuated. This is better than marriage.I now ask you people who read this, Am I right or wrong?


More successful than they think

What can I say? I am a female in India, currently unemployed but searching for a new job. Are you thinking the whole day I am free? No. I win the day by helping my mother in her daily chores and browse through the Internet for some freelancing gigs. I am always successful in getting gigs online.

Being an Indian, I get online vouchers by answering surveys on Panel station and browse through google for free samples to try out in India. I am always successful. Sometimes I fail too but the thirst for winning doesn’t stop me. I win, I lose. The game is ridiculously funny but it is worth it.

I got lot of vouchers by entering various contests. It takes care of my day to day needs. Being an Indian has its own advantages and disadvantages. I do not want to concentrate on the disadvantages. So let me just concentrate on the best part of being an Indian.There are so many opportunities in the job sector too for us especially if you are a female employee you get a cab free ride to your house. You are picked up from your house and dropped too. This facility cannot be found in any other country as far as I am aware. Although in some foreign countries, female employees have their own cars, it will not be a enjoyable ride.

In India, there are lots of opportunities in the IT sector and BPO sector. More and more people are getting hired daily. I am also looking for such opportunities right now and hope to win in the growing sector. Meanwhile, I want to pray to God for giving me two wonderful persons who I call mom and dad. Can’t be more thankful.

More Indian than you think is an impressive statement that defines our country but it best suits Lufthansa more. The foreigners competitive nature with Indians amuses me. We are a developing nation but they are developed country. It indeed makes me proud of our country. I guess this means Indians are more intelligent than them.#MoreIndianThanYouThink

Well informed, well experienced

All religions practiced, almost all languages spoken in the country

Why I like India more than any other country is that there are almost all religions being practiced in India, more than 50 languages spoken in the country. Have you or anyone seen in a totally foreign country like this feature?. The answer is a no. Hence, I proudly say this, I am fortunate to know this country, and born in this lovable country.

India is one nation which welcomes almost all nation’s people and also welcomes them with open arms. I am glad that this is something a foreign country lacks. After Donald Trump became president in United States of America, Indians lives have been threatened. I heard that two Indians were killed because of racist attacks. All thanks to God this kind of bullshit does not happen in India exception goes to when we forget northeast people are also Indians like us.

My success story-Indian way of thinking

I worked in a particular company which I don’t want to name, a fellow employee verbally abused me. I am a new joinee. So I didn’t know how to react. I just took my bag and boldly walked towards the door and said goodbye once for all. The company called me asked what is the reason, I said I will not be a part of a company where I am not respected. That’s it. I consider this as my success story. I will get job in another company because I believe in my talents. Respect is more important than money.

Why I like India?

Honestly I am very fortunate to have born in India. This alone doesn’t qualify for liking one of my favourite country ,India after South Korea. The culture, the surroundings, the people, my relatives have all gifted me that I am indeed blessed to have been born in the country. But the only thing that bothers me is that both uneducated as well as educated people throw plastic bags, water bottles after its use and also spit on the road.Will they do it in their home?A big no. Accelerating crime rates are alarming.

Baby steps contributes to my success

Indian way of thinking is definitely a contributor to success. I take careful moves, cautious enough not to decide anything immediately, I think twice before accepting anything, I hear daily news, we are all well informed or half informed but sometimes we ignore the most important thing, “United we stand, Divided we fall”. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. Instead of joking whom to marry if all are my brothers and sisters, we should concentrate on becoming more human. Murder, rape, gang rape, etc arise so the subject civics in schools must be rewrote and laws must be stringent to those who commit such crimes. Yesterday, I read a post where a 12 year old tried to rape a 3 year old girl. Now see where India is going? The kids are no more kids anymore.

I will cite more examples. A grand father raped his own grand daughter in North India. What is the punishment for these kind of sick people? India will be considered a developed nation, if all men respect women and think they are like their own blood.Kids in India must be taught about “Good touch and bad touch” to lay a solid foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

What I think about Lufthansa?

I appreciate Lufthansa for their flight service campaign “More Indian than you think” as well as their effort to bring up such beautiful ideas to attract international and national customers. India’s growing global influence in Lufthansa is good to know. Keep it up. My only advice for Lufthansa is that they should protect Air hostesses from sexual abuse from indecent men. Why I say this is because it has happened before and it can happen again.#MoreIndianThanYouThink.