My lovely trip-Alapuzha boat house and bungalow, Holiday Inn Cochin

How can I forget such a memorable day of my life? We (Our whole family from my mother’s side) travelled to Kerala, my grandmother’s birth place. My granny’s house is also in Kerala. Now it belongs to some body else because my great grand parents sold their house around the time of my grandparents marriage. Even though it was like that, we asked permission from the people who stay now at her then house, it was all a pleasant moment for us all. My mother lived in Kerala when she was still 3 years old, so she told bits and pieces she remembers about Kerala.

First when we landed on Kerala in a bus(first by train), we were astounded by less traffic. Compared to other south Indian states, Kerala is a clean state. I certify that. I can confidently argue about it. I also think crime rates are much lower than other states . I may be wrong as I have visited this place only once.

We went to a hotel after landing by bus. We ordered food. Ate and saw my grandmother’s house. The people who live in her house are all nice people. They treated us well. Gave juices. Then we went to the school in which my grandmother studies. Here I want to say something, my grandmother was so intelligent she was promoted to third standard before studying second standard. How can she not? She gave birth to eight children and handled all children quite well and all are in good positions in the society.

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Then we went to churches and prayed our stay is good and we return safely.We boarded the same bus throughout the Kerala trip. Then as planned my unlce rented a bungalow for four days stay. We also went to Alapuzha boat house and enjoyed the trip. We were all happy throughout the stay. I don’t know about others but I enjoyed and had fun so much. Believe it or not our whole family (mother’s side) enjoyed the trip. Some lived abroad but because of this trip they came to South India. What I did not like in the trip was the rice they served. It was so big. I did not like it all. But I loved the chicken and fish served in the Bungalow. Boat house food was okay. I am not a fan of it.

If anyone of you reading this post is thinking about a greenery place, you should visit Kerala. At last Cochin, how can I forget, another boat trip. They sold many things there. It was like a shopping place. So my dear readers, Kerala is famous for many things but if you want peace visit Kerala once. I found it there.

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