My loving jugs

After writing a post about my sister being my Jug , now I want to stress that why my parents , relatives and colleagues are also jugs. I will start with my mother. My mother is a very patient woman who never gets angry. My sister gets angry. The only person who can calm her down is my mother. She will not listen to my father and myself telling her to keep quiet. I rarely get angry like my sister if I do get angry, my sister and mother will be the one to calm me down. Within seconds, I will calm down.

When I was studying 10th std, my mother and father drew diagrams in my record notes. I am very thankful for it. I got full marks in my practical exam and I thank them wholeheartedly for their immense help. It is not two or three diagrams. It is more than 40 diagrams. That is why I will always give my salary to these two great people.

My father is my jug because he always helped me in studying this tough paper, maths until my 10th std. I struggled with maths even though I went to a tuition centre it did not help. So he was always there to help. He shouldered responsibility to teach me maths.

He is a retired bank officer but still he goes to banks and helps the current bank manager. Who will do that? Did anybody ask him? No. Nothing. He just went to the Punjab National Branch which is near our house and helps the current bank manager. After the demonetization of five hundred rupees notes and thousand rupees notes, his help was much appreciated in the office. He was duly respected by the employees of the bank.

Sometimes, we think friends are our family. I have heard many people say that they wish their friends to be their family but do not realize that it is because of their family giving birth to them they have met their loving friends. So they should first be thankful to their families then their friends for their friendship.

At present I am working in a Pre-press company and the colleagues here are very friendly towards me. They are all good people and I wish God for their good health.

My grandparents, parents, my sister, cousin sisters and cousin brothers, nieces and nephews, colleagues, all make good jugs. If not for them , I would not be writing this article.

Hence  I thank each one of them wholeheartedly and wish goodness fill our home and their homes. I would be very happy if God blesses our house and their house with abundant love and prosperity. May God bless you for reading this post.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


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