My Jug

My sister is my loving jug because she listens to my pointless stories with utmost patience. She will never say a mean word though if my story is boring. She will give me life lessons and you know what she is just two and half years younger than me. We are planning to celebrate her birthday which comes in January in a most memorable way. Although I am very sociable after talking to some so called friends and learning about their bad nature or bad side of them, I will cut their friendship within a blink of an eye. I value good companies more than bad companies.

Once I was studying in school, I had a friend who will always lie about not learning for tests. I will believe her but when after writing the test, her score will be higher than what I expected. She will tell many lies regarding studies. She will call up everyday and go on and on about how to study for exams. I will tell her to go easy but she would not but when the results come she would have gotten more than 80% score. She is a big liar. This is why I never spoke in my school days. I am a very silent kind of person. All the teachers asked me to speak and be friendly with other friends but for me honesty and integrity matters more in a relationship.

When I was studying my 12th std, I met a girl who is a big dreamer. She always tells lies and builds up stories that she has two big brothers but her mom and dad gave them up because of their poverty. She kept on lying and lying and I could not stop her because with whom I will eat for lunch?

Then another girl I met in college. First all went very well until she texted me with an unknown number disguising herself as a guy. I was so shocked at her behavior. I cut her friendship (first year in college, I was friends with her for only five months) by directly telling her that I do not like her behavior and warned her not to do this with others. Even though she did this for fun, I got a heart attack figuring out whom and how did a guy got my number. I was also not on Facebook that time. I told all my classmates about her mischief.

That is why I strongly argue that sisters are God’s own gift to replace fake friends. My sister is a wonderful person to get to know with. She always gives advises and she taught me many things about life in general. It is as if she instinctively knows about people. I am glad I found a friend in her.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


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