Life is to be lived

Dear Zindagi,

In earth, there are all kinds of living beings. There are plants of different kinds, animals and us human beings. I am not sure whether there is a God or not but I am not an atheist. For me, somebody has created the world and I call HIM/HER/IT, the supreme being. Many people asked me why I do not come to church and always give lame excuses.  I cannot explain to them all that God is everywhere and they would not accept my answer. I can pray anytime and anywhere. These annoying questions made me ask them in anger, if there is God, “Who created God?” . They said me,”God himself”. What a lame answer.  How can God create Himself or Herself.

But I agree that some body has planted a seed and that is why we are all here. The supreme being has given us sixth sense to think logically, practically and most of all to communicate between our loved ones. The languages we speak is given by the Lord.  It is unique and totally different from other countries. Each country has different languages and the letters used in each country always amuses me. Who would have invented the languages?When I ponder over it, the answer came, the Lord.

When our ancestors were born they had very less facilities, now it is not like that. We have everything in our finger tip. If we want grocery items, we can buy it online at the comfort of our house.  If we want to wash our clothes, we have washing machines. If we want to clean our house, there is vacuum cleaner and we ca go on and on about the comfortable life we are leading.  Life is to be lived. We do not know our death date. We only know our birth date. Just imagine how our life would  be if our death date is written when we are born itself. How can we enjoy life if we know our painful fate.  That is why I want to stress, just enjoy your life as much as possible because we do not know how we are going to die but surely it will happen in the near future.

Many people take life for granted especially in Korea. Suicide deaths have been at a large extent because of fear of life and the aftermath of something. My advise is that all those who want to give up on life must watch the beggars and diseased people in homes and hospitals and then decide about killing themselves or taking life. What do you say dear Zindagi?

The supreme being is the one who planted a seed so we must be grateful to HIM/HER. We only know half of the story.  The world is going to end soon some say but I do not believe them. It is all rubbishes. The world will end itself when the right time comes. When the technology is at its peak and when there is nothing to invent by the scientists. Until then, Life goes on. I am very thankful for my life. I will always cherish the good memories and savor it and put the bad memories in the recycle bin. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to write about this, dear zindagi.

With love,


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.


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