A huge thank you to all involved

Dear Zindagi,

I am very thankful that you gave me a chance to live on this wonderful planet, earth although I would have been very very grateful if I was born in some other planet. Lol. Just kidding. I am seriously very thankful to you and my parents for giving me a life to live on earth. You gave me three chances of life. One in Jayamkondam, the second one in Trichy and the third one or current one in Chennai. I cannot be more grateful to you.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me lovely parents who are not like most parents. They are overtly friendly and never push their opinions on me. Who will find such great parents?

I have to thank my mother for being so patient with me. She is most probably one of the best moms in the world because she rarely gets angry and I never heard her shout. My father shouts but it will turn out to be funny. I thank God for giving such a lovely parents. I now wish to thank all my beautiful and cute uncles and aunts, cousin brothers and sisters , nieces and nephews,and of course my grandmother and grandfather for making my life so colorful.

I thank my parents for giving me a life and giving me a talented sibling with big brains. Dear zindagi, you know how I struggled with Business maths when I was studying my first year in Bachelor of commerce, I cannot thank her enough for all the help she did for me by teaching me about a chapter which I do not remember at present. It was like eating bitter gourd but somehow I passed the exam. Thank goodness. If I have kept arrears my parents will feel very bad about it. So I sincerely thank my sister for all the help she gave me despite her school work.

I thank you for giving me a nice job and for giving me friendly colleagues who are like my own brothers and sisters. I would be more happy, if you give me another opportunity to work in another company which I have laid eyes on. You know I have attended the interview, hope I get this job sooner. With my weight, I cannot walk long distances without breathing heavily. I feel cab facility in this company will suit me better even though I have to wake up for early shift.

My final words about my colleagues. Even though this is not the job I preferred in the first instance, I thank them wholeheartedly for their friendship. If I change to another job, I wish I will get colleagues like them who are so friendly in nature. With my big mouth, I am not sure whether they will like me but I feel a bit nervous to get occupied with a new job.

Last but not the least, I thank God for creating me and giving me life. It would not be possible to meet all the lovely people I mentioned if He did not make a move. Thank you Lord. In the name of our father, the son and the holy spirit- Amen.

Finally, I thank blogadda for giving me an opportunity to  be thankful for my life.

Thank you so much.

Love you Zindagi,


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda


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