My loving jugs

After writing a post about my sister being my Jug , now I want to stress that why my parents , relatives and colleagues are also jugs. I will start with my mother. My mother is a very patient woman who never gets angry. My sister gets angry. The only person who can calm her down is my mother. She will not listen to my father and myself telling her to keep quiet. I rarely get angry like my sister if I do get angry, my sister and mother will be the one to calm me down. Within seconds, I will calm down.

When I was studying 10th std, my mother and father drew diagrams in my record notes. I am very thankful for it. I got full marks in my practical exam and I thank them wholeheartedly for their immense help. It is not two or three diagrams. It is more than 40 diagrams. That is why I will always give my salary to these two great people.

My father is my jug because he always helped me in studying this tough paper, maths until my 10th std. I struggled with maths even though I went to a tuition centre it did not help. So he was always there to help. He shouldered responsibility to teach me maths.

He is a retired bank officer but still he goes to banks and helps the current bank manager. Who will do that? Did anybody ask him? No. Nothing. He just went to the Punjab National Branch which is near our house and helps the current bank manager. After the demonetization of five hundred rupees notes and thousand rupees notes, his help was much appreciated in the office. He was duly respected by the employees of the bank.

Sometimes, we think friends are our family. I have heard many people say that they wish their friends to be their family but do not realize that it is because of their family giving birth to them they have met their loving friends. So they should first be thankful to their families then their friends for their friendship.

At present I am working in a Pre-press company and the colleagues here are very friendly towards me. They are all good people and I wish God for their good health.

My grandparents, parents, my sister, cousin sisters and cousin brothers, nieces and nephews, colleagues, all make good jugs. If not for them , I would not be writing this article.

Hence  I thank each one of them wholeheartedly and wish goodness fill our home and their homes. I would be very happy if God blesses our house and their house with abundant love and prosperity. May God bless you for reading this post.

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My Jug

My sister is my loving jug because she listens to my pointless stories with utmost patience. She will never say a mean word though if my story is boring. She will give me life lessons and you know what she is just two and half years younger than me. We are planning to celebrate her birthday which comes in January in a most memorable way. Although I am very sociable after talking to some so called friends and learning about their bad nature or bad side of them, I will cut their friendship within a blink of an eye. I value good companies more than bad companies.

Once I was studying in school, I had a friend who will always lie about not learning for tests. I will believe her but when after writing the test, her score will be higher than what I expected. She will tell many lies regarding studies. She will call up everyday and go on and on about how to study for exams. I will tell her to go easy but she would not but when the results come she would have gotten more than 80% score. She is a big liar. This is why I never spoke in my school days. I am a very silent kind of person. All the teachers asked me to speak and be friendly with other friends but for me honesty and integrity matters more in a relationship.

When I was studying my 12th std, I met a girl who is a big dreamer. She always tells lies and builds up stories that she has two big brothers but her mom and dad gave them up because of their poverty. She kept on lying and lying and I could not stop her because with whom I will eat for lunch?

Then another girl I met in college. First all went very well until she texted me with an unknown number disguising herself as a guy. I was so shocked at her behavior. I cut her friendship (first year in college, I was friends with her for only five months) by directly telling her that I do not like her behavior and warned her not to do this with others. Even though she did this for fun, I got a heart attack figuring out whom and how did a guy got my number. I was also not on Facebook that time. I told all my classmates about her mischief.

That is why I strongly argue that sisters are God’s own gift to replace fake friends. My sister is a wonderful person to get to know with. She always gives advises and she taught me many things about life in general. It is as if she instinctively knows about people. I am glad I found a friend in her.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

A huge thank you to all involved

Dear Zindagi,

I am very thankful that you gave me a chance to live on this wonderful planet, earth although I would have been very very grateful if I was born in some other planet. Lol. Just kidding. I am seriously very thankful to you and my parents for giving me a life to live on earth. You gave me three chances of life. One in Jayamkondam, the second one in Trichy and the third one or current one in Chennai. I can not be more grateful to you.

I cannot thank you enough for giving me lovely parents who are not like most parents. They are overtly friendly and never push their opinions on me. Who will find such a great parents?

I have to thank my mother for being so patient with me. She is most probably one of the best moms in the world because she rarely gets angry and I never heard her shout. My father shouts but it will turn out to be funny. I thank God for giving such a lovely parents. I now wish to thank all my beautiful and cute uncles and aunts, cousin brothers and sisters , nieces and nephews,and of course my grandmother and grandfather for making my life so colorful.

I thank my parents for giving me a life and giving me a talented sibling with big brains. Dear zindagi, you know how I struggled with Business maths when I was studying my first year in Bachelor of commerce, I can not thank her enough for all the help she did for me by teaching me about a chapter which I do not remember at present. It was like eating bitter gourd but somehow I passed the exam. Thank goodness. If I have kept arrears my parents will feel very bad about it. So I sincerely thank my sister for all the help she gave me despite her school work.

I thank you for giving me a nice job and for giving me friendly colleagues who are like my own brothers and sisters. I would be more happy, if you gave me another opportunity to work in another company which I have laid eyes on. You know I have attended the interview, hope I get this job sooner. With my weight, I cannot walk long distances without breathing heavily. I feel cab facility in this company will suit me better even though I have to wake up for early shift.

My final words about my colleagues. Even though this is not the job I preferred in the first instance, I thank them wholeheartedly for their friendship. If I change to another job, I wish I will get colleagues like them who are so friendly in nature. With my big mouth I am not sure whether they will like me but I feel a bit nervous to get occupied with a new job.

Last but not the least, I thank God for creating me and giving me life. It would not be possible to meet all the lovely people I mentioned if He did not make a move. Thank you Lord. In the name of our father, son and holy spirit- Amen.

Finally I thank blogadda for giving me an opportunity to  be thankful for my life.

Thank you so much.

Love you Zindagi,


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Life is to be lived

Dear Zindagi,

In earth, there are all kinds of living beings. There are plants of different kinds, animals of different kinds, sea living creatures like octopuses, star fish, fish, etc and us human beings. I am not sure whether there is a God or not but I am not an atheist. For me, somebody has created the world and I call HIM/HER/IT, the supreme being. Many people asked me why I do not come to church and always give lame excuses.  I can not explain to them all that God is everywhere and they would not accept my answer. I can pray anytime and anywhere. These annoying questions made me ask them in anger, if there is God, “Who created God?” . They said me,”God himself”. What a lame answer.  How can God create Himself or Herself.

But I agree that some body has planted a seed and that is why we are all here. The supreme being has given us sixth sense to think logically, practically and most of all to communicate between our loved ones. The languages we speak is given by the Lord.  It is unique and totally different from other countries. Each country has different languages and the letters used in each country always amuses me. Who would have invented the languages?When I ponder over it, the answer came, the Lord.

When our ancestors were born they had very less facilities, now it is not like that. We have everything in our finger tip. If we want grocery items, we can buy it online at the comfort of our house.  If we want to wash our clothes, we have washing machines. If we want to clean our house, there is vacuum cleaner and we ca go on and on about the comfortable life we are leading.  Life is to be lived. We do not know our death date. We only know our birth date. Just imagine how our life would  be if our death date is written when we are born itself. How can we enjoy life if we know our painful fate.  That is why I want to stress, just enjoy your life as much as possible because we do not know how we are going to die but surely it will happen in the near future.

Many people take life for granted especially in Korea. Suicide deaths have been at a large extent because of fear of life and the aftermath of something. My advise is that all those who want to give up on life must watch the beggars and diseased people in homes and hospitals and then decide about killing themselves or taking life. What do you say dear Zindagi?

The supreme being is the one who planted a seed so we must be grateful for HIM/HER. We only know half of the story. I have heard people say this is the Kaliyug period . The world is going to end soon but I do not believe them. It is all rubbishes. The world will end itself when the right time comes. When the technology is at its peak and when there is nothing to invent by the scientists. Until then, Life goes on. I am very thankful for my life. I will always cherish the good memories and savor it and put the bad memories in the recycle bin. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to write about this, dear zindagi.

With love,


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.