A letter from my future me

My dear 16-year-old me,

I am you and I am currently 25 years old. I know you don’t believe me but it is true.

I just wanted to warn you about all the troubles and turmoils you are going to undergo in the near future. But be assured it is nothing compared to when you came from Jayamkondam to Trichy because of your father’s transfer of job. You are going to experience lot of changes physically and also mentally. I know you have set your bars so high nothing can stop you from achieving it. You always daydream about the secured life you are going to have in your future. I am more than happy to say all your wishes are going to be fulfilled although some of them are not. You can get relieved from the stress of school and college life. They were a mixed of both sad and happy memories.

Your college life will be more fun than your school life. What I want you to say is do not associate with people who want to bring you down. There are small minded people and selfish people. Please pay attention to your studies in your college life rather than having fun. I know for sure you are going to regret it as you are me. I am telling you now in advance so that you can live more than a satisfactory life in your later years.

Do not listen to some of your relatives and pay attention to your gut feelings and listen carefully what it says. Marriage is not your cup of tea. You are different from all your cousin sisters and work hard and marry at the age of 28 when your uncles, aunts, and brothers want you to marry at the age 0f 23. For you having a good carrier that pays a fair salary is more important than being a stay at home mother.

I think you will pay heed to my advice and concentrate on your studies than daydream about your future. Live at the present moment and do not listen to anyone. You know what you are made of. You know what is right and wrong. So choose your battles carefully. You are in your sweet sixteen and when you reach 25, you will remember why I am saying this. Do not get meddled in other people’s business because every one has to carry their own baggage. Help others but do not go overboard. All people are not like you. They will not remember the good deeds done by you and rather be selfish to satisfy their own desires. Some of your colleagues are your very good friends and always accept their help and they also need help from you once in a while.

Love you.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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