For a sound, healthy heart

A sound heart and mind is needed for a healthy lifestyle. For that to happen we have to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. We should not neglect greeny vegetables especially. That is why our elders are more healthy and stronger than us. I have seen my grandfather since childhood. He walks both in the morning sharp at 5 o’ clock am and in the evening 5 o’clock pm. He walks briskly even at the age of eighty six. Everyone in my family say that my grandmother looks more healthier than my mother I agree with this statement. My mother has blood pressure and my father has cholesterol. My uncles and aunts too have some problems such as diabetes, etc. Why my grandparents had no health problems?I do not have to answer this question as you all know well. While I am lazy at many times they are staying very active. How it is possible because they don’t eat junk foods like most of us.

In my point of view what I(you)should do to keep my(your) heart well and happy

I will make a comparison between how our ancestors lived and how we are living in this fast moving world. We are born yesterday and the average life span of humans today is sixty I suppose. But in Christianity in the bible it says people have lived more than thousand years. I do no know whether it is true or not. There is no scientific proof for that. My guess is that it may be true indeed because my uncle’s mother is ninety seven years old and how she was able to live? Will she cross hundred years, hell yes. How does she manages to be healthy without a sign of any disease? It is simply amazing too.

I am not sure whether I will be able to live that many longer. But in order to save myself against early death, I have to eat healthy food. Without the help of saffolalife how can I do that?

Always eat better –Our heart must be healthy otherwise we will get many heart problems other than heart attacks. All problems regarding health occurs only because of not taking the right food that strengthens the heart.

Saffola oil helps to manage the heart well by decreasing the chance of cholesterol, heart attacks, and many other heart problems. Irregular heart beats will get stabilized once we start eating foods that are cooked in best oil like Saffolalife.

We cannot neglect our heart condition otherwise we will not live that longer like our grandparents or like our ancestors. That is why cooking food in Saffola oil is a must in every household. Let us better be safe than sorry.

I conclude by saying that our heart’s health is not a child’s play. It should be well taken care of. So a single mistake in our food lifestyle can make matters worse. I hope this helps you understand what I am trying to say.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


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