Eat home cooked foods

Eating better-Sometimes we forget that little things matter more than the big things. Why I am saying is that when I was living in Trichy, I ate healthy home made foods. We did not go to hotels too many times as always I ate food made by my mother during my school days and college days. But once we shifted to chennai, my younger sister got a job in a well known KPO company then a software company, we started to celebrate this by going to hotels near our home many a times.While my mother ate very little in hotel my father and my sister ate more including myself. Due to this habit I have to go to the hospital because I had breathing troubles.

Then a chest x-ray and an ECG was undertaken by the doctors. The result came normal but my blood tests and ultrasound scan were not normal. I had less haemoglobin and have to take iron tablets and vitamin tablets for that. I also had slight polycystic ovarian disease which is shortly known as PCOD. It can be found in many married and unmarried couples but this is not serious the doctor told. If I don’t reduce my weight in a year’s time, I will have diabetes, thyroid disease and infertility. The amount I have to pay for eating junk foods.

I was 55 kg in Trichy and when we started living in chennai eating hotel foods more often my weight raised at an alarming rate. My weight is currently 62 kg. The doctor advised me to exercise a lot as I have to deal with PCOD too along with breathing problems which has turned out to be anxiety disorder. My breathing problem is due to my weight again also. I am finding it very hard to reduce my weight like I used to. So I am sharing my life experiences to let you all warn about the risk of not eating better food that harms your heart.

Staying active

With only home cooked meals and after saying no to all fast foods, now I feel I can decrease my weight if I put my heart and mind into the cause. My office is very far so I always do a brisk walk to the share auto stop and then a bus stop.But as I have PCOD it is very hard to reduce the weight. Last time I checked it was sixty two before that it was sixty three.

So what I am trying to say to all is that don’t put on so much weight. You will get heart disease than other people who are slim or thin. Take care of your heart by maintaining a balanced weight. Most of the disease in the world is because of not taking care of the heart. Make the right choice of cooking using the oil that does not harm your heart. Heart failure, heart attack, and many other heart related problems occur because of bad oil. Always stay active if you eat too much junk foods you may regret it later on in your life.

What I am doing to keep my heart healthy and happy?

In the morning, we start the day by drinking fruit juice including carrot juice.
In the afternoon, along with variety rice home cooked vegetables for side dish.
During night time, either dosa or rice.

Happiness can be achieved when we are healthy and active. Nothing can replace joy and happiness if we eat home cooked foods made in oil such as Saffolalife.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.


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