Inside the diary of a female journalist

She cried for help but nobody answered. It was so dark outside. The evil men tore off her clothes and took turns to rape her. These demons struck her mouth with her own clothes. She was suffocating. She could die any moment.They also didn’t mind her profuse bleeding due to her vaginal tear.

By “she” it could be any female. She may be a girl child, a teenager or a grownup woman. She could be anybody. She could be your sister, your sister-in-law, your cousin, your classmate, your best friend, your daughter. She could be anybody.

The newspaper read 80 men raped a single woman repeatedly by holding her captive for many days. The woman last the count of men by whom she was raped. Another heart wrenching news within that day. A five year old child was raped by her own grandfather.More ugly news of rape filled the newspapers. Everybody in India became used to the word “Rape”.

India became the first largest country that is not safe for a girl child to be born. This couldn’t stop all women to protest. Indian women got used to the word “rape” and began protesting along with the decent men.Does that help? The answer is a “no”.

It is sad of course the state of a female child has become a question mark. Mothers were apprehensive of sending their female child to schools and colleges even it is not co-ed education for they were aware “ A girl is a girl”. The root cause for rape are the films so the elders say. They argue that semi-nude and nude, bold stunts by actresses and the violence shown in films forms the basis for rape, murder and other major crimes in India. How true it is?

Where men were growing violent day by day, the women were growing silent feeling helpless. There were very less fast track courts in India. Once the case is being filed and the rapists has been caught, it took months to put the culprits behind bars. Many upper class rapists were let free because of narrow minded lawyers who would not stop until they have won because they are paid hefty fees for that. They safeguard the dignity of their women and girl children but not the others.

If a woman can walk boldly on night, it is a great miracle. That day all females in India can celebrate Independence day. Will that just be a dream and nothing more?Only time will tell.

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Nilima stopped writing for she finished writing all her thoughts about the state of female in India. She opened a blank notebook to write more but what stopped her was the tears that flowed through her eyes incessantly. She felt ashamed to be born in India. She hated her parents for giving birth to her. She hated all men even her own father, uncles, cousins, and every single men she came in contact with. She hated the education system which didn’t help even a tidbit to teach the children about how to differentiate right from wrong. But behind her smooth facade, she hid this aspect of her. She didn’t know how to help her sisters subjected to violence and rape. So she joined an NGO and began helping the raped girls and women to stand up on their own leg and be an example to all the other women and even men. She managed to continue writing on her notebook, cowards rape and before she could end the sentence her ink pen’s nib broke.

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