yIn today’s age, electronics have become the most primary thing. We cannot live without them. Fan, TV, Heater, AC, Mobile phones, Computers, Mixer and Juicers,Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Internet, Printers, Scanners, etc including those machines that runs in companiess and hospitals, we cannot neglect electronics just like that.

In short electronics has become a part of our life and it will continue to be so in the future too to make our life more easier and simpler.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

My father is an avid reader. He is always into reading multiple newspapers, magazines both Tamil and English. I can say that my father is very intelligent because of this fact. I want to gift him the above kindle if I win. Even if i don’t win, i can ask my father openly what he wants so what I buy does not go waste. There’s an advantage that even if i buy this for him , I can utilize the same for reading purposes.

Lenovo A7-30 8GB (WiFi 3G)

As i said in an earlier post that I want to buy my father, a samsung mobile but I am willling to try Lenova because on the first instance I am attracted to it and saw that it has many qualities that Samsung has. I want the color to be white but anyway, all my father’s previous mobile phones were all black. It will be a change for him apart from having an usual colored mobile phone. He always changes his mobile phone whenver new technology of producing mobile phones with attractive features is found around the corner.

Apple iPad Air 2

It is an apple IPad who wouldn’t want that. My mother’s tablet which was gifted by younger sister as a birthday present broke. So my mother will be thrilled if i buy her this. There are so many apps can be downloaded with the aid of this IPad and my mother usually sleeps in the afternoon after playing candy crush. She has crossed 200 levels in this famous game. She also has had similar games before that but now she is into playing this vigorously to reach more levels. I would love to see her if she reaches the final level. A must buy. My sister works in a software company, so she will tell my mother about all the apps and how to download other important apps and games.

8M 310 Smart Movie Box

Last but not the least, I would love to buy this smart movie box to have it in our house for our TV. Cash on delivery is available in Flipkart while this box  is not currently available in Amazon. Go and have a look at it, if you need it badly in your house.

If you like any of these electronics, you can buy from my own personal store. The link is as follows.


I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.


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