Never give up

My father was working as bank cashier two decades ago in Jayamkondam which is a city but more like a village.. He had to travel to another village on a bus . The place was Kuhaham which looks exactly like a village where the people do not know how to utilize a bank and what are their benefits .Once my father took me there as I had an adamant behavior at home,so he wanted to show me the state of these village people. Many lived in huts. As my father helped a family, they gave us many kilograms of groundnuts to take home.

I finished my sixth standard there only. Let me stop here. This is one of my story about my childhood days until the age of 10. When my father got transferred to Trichy, he put me in a school where all children spoke in English. Though I studied in a village English medium school, I lacked the quality of speaking in English fluently. But tried so hard but I gave up and I became stubborn to go to school. I bunked my school and stayed in my house for  many number of days.

My parents took me to a psychiatrist to deal with my behavior. Though the psychiatrist was helpful, I asked my parents to put me in another school. They did. But I have to study sixth standard once again because I do not know how to speak in English. As an elder sibling I have to show an example to my sister but my sister proved that she lead an example for me. She enjoyed her school days and treasured it more whereas because of my one silly mistake by being stubborn, a whole year of studying in sixth standard was wasted. My parents did not want me to shift from one school to another school. So they put me in this one particular school where speaking in one’s native language was an offense.

All the teachers helped and particularly, there was one teacher named Aruna. I was studying in tuition. She helped a lot in making this language sound simpler. She also taught me cursive writing, grammar along with other subjects. I was really impressed by her method of teaching. I wonder what she is doing now. Then there was other teacher named Pauline who helped me study science. These two teachers advised never give up too soon. If you want to give up think about the consequences. Yes, indeed, I lost one year totally as I didn’t know how to speak in English so as I did not want to waste another year. Gladly said yes, and hear I am writing an article in English.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”


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