Christianity-my religion

How pathetic. Many christians who believe in Jesus Christ feel He was crucified because of humans/the Jews. Kindly note it is not. Check your dictionaries once again(Jews dictionaries differs from Indian dictionaries). God instead of destroying his imperfect human creations, he created a pious person who he calls his son die. What he wanted to prove?. He wants to prove that I let my own son die, who are you anyway?Jesus is His only son. If people are willing to die for God, then we have the winner. God takes immense pride in Jesus. Our whole life is how to make God take pride in us and make Him happy leading an exemplary life.

Why Adam and Eve, his first creations were not holy?One correction- Humans definitely is not the reason for Jesus death, It is God himself as He is busy playing with our lives(expert in craft making) just so he did with His son, Adam and Eve, Mother Mary, Johh, etc(everything was pre-planned).

Where the world is going? United we stand and divided we fall(The babylon). How many countries, how many states, how many cities , how many streets, how many religions, how many sects, How many communitirs,, how many politicians, Alas!how many years, how many months, how many weeks, how many days, how many hours, how many minutes, how many seconds, how many nanoseconds, how many black people, how many white people, hair is blonde, black, curly, straight , etc. At last how many agreements and how many disagreements?????

So our world has fallen, we have give in to our temptations. We satisfy ourself. Casual people want peace, love and harmony with only their families, friends and acquaintances.So we hate, we love, we adore, we despise, we earn, we lose, we smile, we cry, we clap, we sulk, we dare, we fear, we laugh, we frown. Only intelligent people know why I am saying this. We are non-vegetarians, and Jesus Christ is????? God is ??????. Holy spirit is ????? Shall we fry a dove and eat it????I think the animals are the most cursed among everything because of Eve-The mother of all living. This is my study and experience of taking notes from different perspective of people for about 15 years. God is there, He can hear us loudly and do great miracles.I am a firm believer of God because of three unexpected miracles in my life but He is the most strictest person anyone would have ever known. Do you know God??? Please do not hesitate to write. If you write talk with your own friends and family. Watch the video and be thankful you are happy and healthy. Praise the lord.

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