yIn today’s age, electronics have become the most primary thing. We cannot live without them. Fan, TV, Heater, AC, Mobile phones, Computers, Mixer and Juicers,Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Internet, Printers, Scanners, etc including those machines that runs in companiess and hospitals, we cannot neglect electronics just like that.

In short electronics has become a part of our life and it will continue to be so in the future too to make our life more easier and simpler.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

My father is an avid reader. He is always into reading multiple newspapers, magazines both Tamil and English. I can say that my father is very intelligent because of this fact. I want to gift him the above kindle if I win. Even if i don’t win, i can ask my father openly what he wants so what I buy does not go waste. There’s an advantage that even if i buy this for him , I can utilize the same for reading purposes.

Lenovo A7-30 8GB (WiFi 3G)

As i said in an earlier post that I want to buy my father, a samsung mobile but I am willling to try Lenova because on the first instance I am attracted to it and saw that it has many qualities that Samsung has. I want the color to be white but anyway, all my father’s previous mobile phones were all black. It will be a change for him apart from having an usual colored mobile phone. He always changes his mobile phone whenver new technology of producing mobile phones with attractive features is found around the corner.

Apple iPad Air 2

It is an apple IPad who wouldn’t want that. My mother’s tablet which was gifted by younger sister as a birthday present broke. So my mother will be thrilled if i buy her this. There are so many apps can be downloaded with the aid of this IPad and my mother usually sleeps in the afternoon after playing candy crush. She has crossed 200 levels in this famous game. She also has had similar games before that but now she is into playing this vigorously to reach more levels. I would love to see her if she reaches the final level. A must buy. My sister works in a software company, so she will tell my mother about all the apps and how to download other important apps and games.

8M 310 Smart Movie Box

Last but not the least, I would love to buy this smart movie box to have it in our house for our TV. Cash on delivery is available in Flipkart while this box  is not currently available in Amazon. Go and have a look at it, if you need it badly in your house.

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Love for things

From where do i start? If  I have to be very honest with myself, I wanted almost all of the items in the categories I selected from the website. I can say I particluarly liked the jewellery section more than other sections. Though I do not like to wear accessories I can as well gift it to my sibling or my mother if by God’s grace I win the battle by which I mean the competition.


This stud looks like the stud I usually wear it to my office. It is very easy to put this unlike Jhumkas and other fancy earrings and studs.  To be honest I love, love, love and love , and adore this. The price is a little put off for me though. My parents will buy gold jewelleries only offline that too in a trusted shop which has been running for many years and has gained trust from their customers because what you see on the website doesn’t come like this always is their strong belief.

Olive Solid Legging


What a miracle! I bought this same color top at Mega Mart few months ago and I liked it so much but was not able to find leggings. This is the only closest color that I can wear with the top otherwise I have to give the top to orphanage homes. The color is too good, it can be rarely found in the market I guess. But I want to let the readers know that I bought two leggings medium size for Rs.299 in Flipkart. This is too costly. Price reduction must be done.  Rs.300 is the price I will be able to give for this legging. Currently, this legging is not available in the shop too.

Revez Women's Kurta and Churidar Set

Wow, I love this dress so……………….much. The contrast color is driving me crazy. I am not sure whether this dress will fit me or not as I weigh 60 kg and I am a fat woman. I am not guilty for saying. In lengthwise too, I am not sure it will fit me as my height is 162 cm. But it is not a crime to like this dress. I am happy I found something worth wearing. When I go to shop, this contrast color  churidhar will remain in my mind so I can select dress materials accordingly.

Samsung Galaxy J7

My father’s phone is not working properly. When I called him from office, he was not able to answer the call because of it. The reasons were unknown(Batteries not working) only once his cell phone fell in the ground at our house but from then on it showed signs of not working. He has reliance mobile. My sister who works in a software company advised him to change it to Samsung so if I stand a chance to win or lose, I will definitely gift this mobile to him. He will really appreciate it as he loves being surprised.

These are alll the things that attracted me in and around the e-commerce sites and there are still many of them waiting to be published in my blog. Stay tuned to that. Zapstore has almost everything a buyer would love, we can shop from many e-commerce sites and we are rewarded too when we refer our friends and colleagues. Brilliant idea by the e-commerce website owners of zapstore.

That’s all for now. If I like more of the items in the e-commerce sites, I will definitely let you all know. Happy blogging.

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I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.


Never give up

My father was working as bank cashier two decades ago in Jayamkondam which is a city but more like a village.. He had to travel to another village on a bus . The place was Kuhaham which looks exactly like a village where the people do not know how to utilize a bank and what are their benefits .Once my father took me there as I had an adamant behavior at home,so he wanted to show me the state of these village people. Many lived in huts. As my father helped a family, they gave us many kilograms of groundnuts to take home.

I finished my sixth standard there only. Let me stop here. This is one of my story about my childhood days until the age of 10. When my father got transferred to Trichy, he put me in a school where all children spoke in English. Though I studied in a village English medium school, I lacked the quality of speaking in English fluently. But tried so hard but I gave up and I became stubborn to go to school. I bunked my school and stayed in my house for  many number of days.

My parents took me to a psychiatrist to deal with my behavior. Though the psychiatrist was helpful, I asked my parents to put me in another school. They did. But I have to study sixth standard once again because I do not know how to speak in English. As an elder sibling I have to show an example to my sister but my sister proved that she lead an example for me. She enjoyed her school days and treasured it more whereas because of my one silly mistake by being stubborn, a whole year of studying in sixth standard was wasted. My parents did not want me to shift from one school to another school. So they put me in this one particular school where speaking in one’s native language was an offense.

All the teachers helped and particularly, there was one teacher named Aruna. I was studying in tuition. She helped a lot in making this language sound simpler. She also taught me cursive writing, grammar along with other subjects. I was really impressed by her method of teaching. I wonder what she is doing now. Then there was other teacher named Pauline who helped me study science. These two teachers advised never give up too soon. If you want to give up think about the consequences. Yes, indeed, I lost one year totally as I didn’t know how to speak in English so as I did not want to waste another year. Gladly said yes, and hear I am writing an article in English.

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The Photos That Captured Me


These children’s mother committed suicide and their father’s whereabout is still unknown. My guess is he might have married another and he may be living a happily ever after life without worrying about his children through his first wife. I guessed it because my aunt who is a nun do not want me to know the reason.

My father has been helping Kanishkar, the boy for three years in a row by paying his school fees and other kindhearted people like him are helping these younger siblings. These children live in a village in Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu. There are totally 111 students studying (Nanonegal Nursery & primary school). My aunt is the overall in-charge of the school.

Like the above three children, there are plenty of children who come from an extremely poor family, they always don’t pay school fees and should i specifically mention that these three children I am talking about have only one slipper to wear in their household and still are able to tolerate the scorching heat of the road very well when the other is wearing the slipper. Hence I say, these children are God’s very own children because there are so many good Samaritans in this world who are willing to take care of these children and make them complete their studies.

It was a great pleasure to meet them. I paid a visit just last month only and it is my first time going to that place. After talking to these three intelligent, bright children, I am planning to revisit the place frequently but it is not possible due to workload in my office. May God bless them and make them shine in the right path.

Please note, I am sure whoever reading this post have everything that these children lack which is a good place to live, consume food on a daily basis, drink mineral water, have suncreen lotion when you go out in the morning, etc.

We have to be thankful to the supreme being for not making us like them. Let us put us in their shoes, how do we feel. Is it painful?You are damn correct.

Let us take oath today to contribute atleast a small amount to causes that involves children on a montly or yearly basis. Whoever didn’t help children, didn’t help God(I am telling this example only for religious people if they believe there’s a hell)

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