Filing income tax is very important

Income tax is an important process for all the salaried people. The word Income tax means it is a deduction of few percentage of income from personal income and the profits earned by an individual. It is also beneficiary to every individual and aids them in many form.

Why file income tax while we can enjoy the full amount. Let’s see why that is

1)It acts as your income proof. Without it, you will not be acknowledged by government as salaried person or income earning person.

2) With it, you can get loans sanctioned quickly. You need not worry about standing in queues like it is used to be. Now you can just ask help from professional people who are working in the Income tax sector and clear all your doubts.

3) Your Visa. How can you get the visa if you don’t have proof of the paid income tax. They will give immediate visa when you show them the filed income tax return.

4) Our country is known as the developing country for many decades. How can we as an Indian break this which seem to be a very serious issue. The answer- Pay your income tax amount and then question the government if you are not satisfied with their service to the public which is us.

5) Sometimes, it is filing income tax is an exception if the company you are working for deducts an amount from salary as income tax return. Don’t be suspicious of them as you will be notified of the same.

6) For business men and women it is a must to file income tax return otherwise they will be questioned by the court and they have to settle it there.

7) Filing income tax helps in many ways. As an Indian we have to be very responsible and not act irresponsible because the loser is us. Lot of filing income tax benefit goes out of your hands.

I support H & R Block for rendering aid to employees and employers in a friendly manner and also help them filing income tax returns quickly

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.


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