As a responsible Indian

Paying income tax is a must for every salaried people except those poor people whose salaries are not enough to run their household. Some people who think they are well informed about each and everything about income tax, they are still uneducated regarding income tax. Many IT companies, banks and other companies will deduct some amount payable for Income tax. Here is the thing. If they don’t deduct, then rises the problem. As an Indian, he or she has the right to pay his or her Income tax. If you ask why that is, it is for the development of each cities in our country even if you are not satisfied with the answer. So this post is exclusively for those people. Learn and spread the word among your friends and neighbours.

Benefits of filing IT returns

Even though filing returns is an obligation, it helps in lot of ways. Not to mention, when you pay the income tax amount our nation will be strengthened comparing to other nations. We can compete with other developing countries and show them the human power of our nation.

If anyone is timid of paying Income tax offline, I would be pleased to inform,  you can file it on online. You also get proof of the receipt.

If anyone is born in India, they are called as Indians by birth . Beiing loyal to our respective government is what I mean and pay income tax online or offline.

As always, the middle class people in India put it in words, Income tax makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. So it has own benefits and is favorable only to the rich not other sects. In one way, I strongly agree to this point.

Either the rich people should come forward to help the poor directly like a social worker or the government must make some big changes in its policy. Until then, everyone must pay Income tax for the welfare of our nation. In many cities the infrastructure is bad, the government if we let them know, will take care of it if we are pushy.

The government serves us and it is not the other way around. Income tax is only a means to assist so many programs meant for our welfare and good living.

I am taking #taxpledge with H & R for the security of my family. When are you going to? Within simple clicks you will be able to make your dream come true if you want loan, if you want to study abroad or if you want to apply for a visa. Sounds good isn’t it.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.


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