Sharing the load

The world we live is a corrupted world. There are still some people who believe stupid things such as a crafted story told by bad authority figures. Since our ancestors, the women were forced to  believe, they are weak gender which is utter nonsense. Now when we honestly think about it, women are the stronger sex. I am a fact finder. I hope everyone who reads this post agrees with me.

They give birth to children which is a painstaking process even though they don’t complain, will the men do it? Why did God didn’t give this responsibility to men? While the women takes care of the whole household, the men do all the light work. 95% household work were done by woman in those days now it has changed totally because atleast 45%  household work is done by men.

This is why Bharatiyar(famous Tamil poet) fought for justice for women. Though he died at a very young age, he taught his wife and children how to survive in this world. He educated them.Nowadays, male chauvinism is slowly diminishing but crimes against women is increasing. So what I am trying to say is Gender studies must be a compulsory subject in all schools and colleges.

No man will give due respect to his wife when he thinks lowly of her. Gender discrimination will go in course of time only when men and women sort it out themselves.How many works a woman will undertake? She is not a machine. All young men and women think their mothers are machines. This is very, very true.

In my household, though I don’t encourage my mother do all the work, I always see her doing all the work out of love and affection. My father even though he helps her on weekends, she is still considered as a machine by us.Women are not machines. The attitude of some woman must change. There should be perfect sharing of all the work in the house.

In schools, children should be educated to respect their mothers and fathers equally.Sharing the load is very important because woman how many days they keep on being machines, if they do so, their husbands will die early because of no exercise. So they should empathize the men’s state and slowly ask them to cut some vegetables, buying grocery items, on Sundays, they should wash their own clothes.

If both are working, Sunday itself they should prepare a list of things that is to be done.If the woman doesn’t have time to rest, if she falls sick, who will take care of the household? A servant maid may be???Men must learn to work in the house enthusiastically.They should reduce the burden of women and thereby, give them proper acknowledgement and praise them now and then if they don’t want to share the load.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


3 thoughts on “Sharing the load

  1. If women do 95 % of the work ,remaining is only 5 %
    But how come as per your statement men do 45% of the work then. lol. ur contradicting urself
    “If women do all the work as a machine, men will die early because of no work” : I am shocked and laughing at the stupidity and ignorance of your post.
    Pls dont write for the sake of writing..


    • Yes, I agree with you totally. I forgot to mention, this kind of injustice to women happened in olden days.Now 45 %(according to my calculation, relatives, friends and loved ones)men share their wives load. As a writer of this post, i can write anything i want to. Meaning-I didn’t beg for your reply reply. Sorry, who are you anyway?


    • Something came up, can you please mention the list of works you do for your mother or wife?If not keep quite and move on. I understand you go to gym daily to exercize to keep your body fit. So mention that and be frank that all the household work of your family(big list) is done by female only.Don’t comment on my blog anymore. This blog is for my friends and family only, others read it and laugh in slience,


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