A peppy talk about hospitals

Hospitals, when we ponder over it, how it has come into existence? Why do we need hospitals in the first place? What benefit it has on the living beings? The answers to these questions are plenty. But do we need hospitals, when we can find the medicine at our kitchen itself. I am not hallucinating. This truth must be accepted. Then we will live a peaceful life without worrying about the complications in our health such as Diabetes, Heart attacks, Low blood pressure, High blood pressure, etc.

In those, did they have any of the disease? Then where is the problem. Why today alone patients are standing in queues to meet the doctors to solve their problems whatever it may be.

What is the main reason for building so many hospitals?

There are so many hospitals and comparatively patients are also more. In hospitals, doctors are compared to Gods as they save lives. How many doctors act as God-The savior is a question mark. In the name of medicine, they are giving away chemicals sold as tablets. Where do we go and complain? Ayurveda hospitals must be encouraged while other hospitals must be encouraged for bigger health issues. Homeopathy hospitals are also doing a great job and they help in recovering the patient back to normal.

Treatment of patients

The doctors must protect the safety, security and privacy of the patient even they didn’t mention it. They should not tell the patient everything if they have a deadly disease. They should tell their family first, If the patient, health is not that dangerous, they can tell it to them. They should explain in detail, why they are taking medications, and also explain each medicines effect on patients.


Sometimes, we don’t realize the truth. Who invented the hospitals or let me put it this way. Why there are hospitals? What is the need for hospitals? Life is to be enjoyed. But from where did the diseases come from? We, human beings dug our own hole, now we don’t know how to get out of it. We are struggling so much but our energy only gets wasted. Mankind knows what is good and what is bad, then why feet is running to do the bad. Our mind, heart and body should be taken care of without the presence of chemicals. Our whole body should not be taken for granted.

We want to be comforted, we want to be cared for, we want to enjoy our lives with our family and friends, we want to eat tasty food items which can harm our body but we don’t realize that it is all a temporary thing. How many days are we going to live on earth? What happens once we die? According to Hinduism, Christianity, Muslim, Jews, Buddism, Jainism, etc. In all religion they preach different things. So many religions, which religion do we have the right to follow? Most of us belief in our parent’s religion or it may because we don’t want to hate their feelings.This
is a peppy talk about my opinion on hospitals.

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