Rivers and lakes

Water is very much essential for human existence. The impact of them is very strong in our lives. We are storing water in a water tank or vessel as per our requirement and availability of water. But nature has planned its own storage and it is in the form of rivers. If we see a river the water going in it will be very much pure and tasty. If we taste the water in the sea it would be salty.

It is a great blessing in our country we have many rivers running across the nation, every state has its own rivers . River water is very much used for agriculture purpose. If at all there is rain there will be water in the river. There are some rivers where we see water flowing always through the year . But sometimes it may so happen due to heavy rain water will be overflowing to such a great degree people staying the river would be asked to leave the place.

Once it has happened in Tamil Nadu Madurai city because of heavy rain water was running with full force and some people are stranded in the small building where the water level was increasing. One rescue team was arranged by the local Government authority to save the people from drowning.

Lakes are man-made and they are meant for strong excess water when there is heavy rain. In small villages we can see ponds. They are usually built near the temples. I have personally got the opportunity to see such ponds when I visited a village because visiting villages and helping those people in some way is a subject for us in Holy Cross College. The ponds are exclusively arranged for local usage and people use to wash their clothes and take a bath. We told them, this is absolutely wrong. They promised us, they will never do this again.

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There is a great difference between rivers and lakes. Water will be stagnant in lakes and water that goes through the river will go to sea. If at all any emergency water will be released from the lake to safeguard the people. This has happened in Chennai during the latest flood situation and water is released form the lake. Water scarcity is a different issue and water is very much essential for our life and hence these rivers and lakes are to be taken care of by the concerned people for our benefit. Water may play with man’s life and we have to be careful when we take a bath in the river or lake . Because sometimes it may happen people especially tourists /students not knowing how deep the river is there is all the possibility they may get drowned. If they do not know swimming their life will be at stake.

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