The innocents and the righteous


Terrorism, when we hear this word, what comes to our mind? Why there are people who choose the wrong path? I will tell you. It is because of people who are nothing but bad omens/bad educators. The terror attacks in Mumbai and Paris attack is done by Muslims is not true. It is done by humans. Please underline the word, human because I am going to discuss about humans only in this blog post. Terrorism in India is a huge problem that needs immediate attention. The Srilankan’s capture innocent fisher man who did nothing to irritate them and they just punished them for nothing doing horrific things to them.

What is wrong with people? Why do they do it? I have an answer. It is because of money and power only many theft cases, robbery cases, kidnaps, etc are happening in India. Your agreement doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are humans doing injustice to another human being. The countries in which terrorist attacks is more, can they all announce the world, the leaders must announce the world, they are innocents, that is why this terrorist attacks happened to their country people. They will not because they are guilty of something or they are hiding crucial facts. An eye for an eye will make the blind.

Impact of all crimes and how to eradicate these crimes in India?

We have to either have common culture or we have to diversify the crimes done by people. When we have common culture, which is agreed upon by many, it will do real wonders. But it is not always possible. Everyone is unique so they will try to voice their opinions and views. So what we must do?

I hope everyone living in India is aware of their religion. People with authority, especially the police station must have a file regarding in which religion the crime done by people is high. They have to arrive at a conclusion. Every year, they should make an announcement people in particular religion committed this much percentage crime. It will help the policemen and CBI officers to find solutions.

What is the need for books that doesn’t help the student?

Teach the children about good values. They will one day become great leaders. Don’t make the children vomit what is written in the text book in exams.  Children must be a given opportunity to learn only their favorite subject. This is one of the major flaw in today’s society. Other subjects they can just learn it but it must not be noted as a compulsory subject.

Students must be active in school. They should not hate school. If a student hates school, you know now what is wrong with the world?

It is hate. When I hate someone, I will not talk to that person. This is considered normal. But when you hate someone or something for many years, do you now realize what is happening in schools and colleges?

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