The fault with the government

The government is not a victim. It is the real culprit. There’s not a single politician who eagerly wants to solve all the problems in one switch. If I become prime minister of my country, there will be no beggars on the roads, there will be no animal wandering on the street, there will be no petty crimes or heinous crimes(I will not allow it), the roads will be perfect, there will be no traffic jams, there will be equal employment opportunities for all, there will be no terrorist attacks on Indians, I will not allow other country people that easily to enter the gates of India. In simple, I will do what is needed to be done exactly.

The government is acting lazy, the common man becomes so tired of the government, he wishes the same government(politicians) to rule his state or city. They are betrayed. The rich has no problem with the government because the government is rich so that they both can understand the mentality of each other.

It is India or any other country, the solution to many bugging problem is very, very simple. We don’t have to book a room and think about it with like-minded people. Sometimes, I think, the government is never ever ready to help the people in the first place. Some politicians are acting arrogant, stubborn and are very impatient with our petitions, they just put it in the dustbin just because they have a family to care of and they have friends too who are ill minded like them. In their mindset, beggars and people with no homes (we have only one house and we are satisfied) should not be helped.

Terrorism is because of hate. Why a particular country hates us, Indians or backstabs us? What is the reason? It is because of hate and hate only. The root cause for hate is our success or we have hurt their feelings in some way. Do you all agree with me? What we should do in order to build our relationship with a particular country like Srilanka, Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir, we have to help them raise to our level. What is the value of one rupee in Sri Lanka? What is the value of one rupee in United States of America?

Can anyone tell me? What is the reason? Why some countries are developing countries? Why some countries are developed countries?

There is nothing wrong with researching what is the hole in the world. Who created the hole first and who dug the hole thinking foolishly it is a gold mine? Our country falls into which category? Sometimes, we think our problem has no solutions. Then we are so surprised, a brilliant eureka moment comes, with it comes a very simple solution. Have you ever felt this?

When I was eating non-veg , I thought it is good for my health and everyone in my religion and in some religion or community, they believe so. Suddenly an eureka moment came to my mind, what will happen to the world if all the animals speak?

We are dead meat. Love others like you love yourself. Do animals fall into this category? If not, why? Humans act like animals sometimes, rape, gang rape, murder, etc. Why? In this world, a human is capable of answering all difficult questions but we don’t want to put our brain to good use.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the#Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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