What is the need to cut down trees?

We are making mistake by cutting trees even though we know very well their benefits . In my house we have got a coconut tree . We have to remove the same just because the tree happens to grow through an electric line. Why I am quoting this is that for one or other reason we are cutting the trees and thereby we are acting against our environment. Even though there may be genuine reason for cutting the trees , there are also  some people out of their greediness to make a quick money are cutting the trees .

A tree, in its 50 year life span is capable of

  1. Producing 50 lac value Oxygen for our livelihood
  2. Preventing pollution worth 10.5 lac
  3. Preserving sand worthiness amounting to 6.4 lac
  4. Preventing sand erosion for 6.4 lac
  5. Giving shelter to mankind for 5.3 lac
  6. Giving accommodation to birds and animals as they construct their nestles.
  7. Giving sweet fruits and beautiful flowers

Above all, trees are the real savers of our environment by being the reason for invaluable rain. On the whole if a tree falls on its own or being cut to pieces the loss for the city is Rs 78.6 lac


It is very unfortunate that all the forests are destroyed by some unscrupulous persons for their own gain. But at the same time environmentalists are advising the people about planting of trees in their area to safeguard our universe. There is always talk about the hole in the Ozone layer and one like Independence Day etc to emphasis the necessity of growing trees. The reason is that trees are cut and destroyed.

This aspect should be taught to young students so that they would implement the same in their area and be a model to others. Some NGOs are arranging mass planting of trees on very special occasions. Even some religious organizations are taking interest in planting trees.

Trees are preserved like our own possessions. Regularly planting of trees should be undertaken to make good the loss of trees due to inevitable reasons. Sufficient protection should be made to guard them from external forces. All the companies should be encouraged to arrange TREE MELA and under their CSR activity they should get involved voluntarily to make this mission, a successful endeavor.

If we save our trees we would be saved in the long run and at the same if we ignore trees the consequences would be dangerous. A little effort by all for saving the trees will be sufficient and thoughtful.Is this true or false? Saving the tree should be our top priority because it saves our lives. Human being is not extinct only because of the plants and trees. This is a fact that can be denied by none of the people. This is my fantastico verdict.

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