Health is wealth

Scientists say that we are what we ate. In the schools I have read that food gives energy. They are the essentials for our life. Food takes the first place for survival because without food man cannot live. We have seen people are resorting to hunger strike to highlight their demands because it is not only Gandhian principle of Non violence but also it gives more beneficial impact. Some may go for life time hunger strike , some take the route of relay strike, some go for one day strike that is dawn to dusk,  etc.

No one should take bad food because it spoils the health of person and he has to go to the doctor for treatment. My grandma always tells me instead of giving the money to doctor we should give to merchants selling provisions and grocery items. To look after our health we have to watch what we eat. Nowadays what we get is not pure and it is adulterated because of the crooked mentality of some merchants who add some unnecessary items along with food materials and make them adulterated. Because natural manure has gone over a period of time the agriculturists use fertilizer like urea, etc and thereby adding chemicals to our food.

To have a long healthy life one has to develop good food habits. Some of the fantastico lists are added below.

  1. Taking regular food at the appropriate tine is a good health practice. Instead of taking in a hurry and swallow without chewing will lead to indigestion.
  2. All the vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly cleaned before cooking as sometimes fertilizer would be sticking to them.
  3. Usually the shops nearer to bus stand and other public places are vulnerable to vendors who dump the adulterated items. We have to be careful about the shop we choose for purchasing goods.
  4. We have to report to consumer forum about the adulteration and bring it to the notice of higher authorities and health inspectors.
  5. Roadside vendors who sell food items usually do not bother about our health.

They do not look for hygienic points and there will be all the possibility of food poisoning. Hence these shops should be avoided.

Junk food is no food at all. If we take junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner just because we live a busy life, it will directly affect our life. We have to be very careful about the added preservatives, what do they put in these foods must be thoroughly checked by health inspectors. Good food is the reason why grandmas and grandpas crosses hundred years.

If we follow their footsteps, we will too will live strongly and will live to see our great grandchildren. This truth cannot be denied by anyone who is reading this fantastico advice in my opinion.

Eat to live and not live to eat. Rightly the legends have said it.

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