Haste is waste

When I was travelling in a car suddenly I felt the car would not move further and even it moves , it is at snail’s pace It is all because of the traffic jams. It tests my patience and I have low blood pressure, it would have come normal I guess. There are many reasons for traffic jams. There may be an accident because of which in that particular route, the traffic policemen stop the vehicles to assess the damage to person or property. Sometimes, the route would be changed to a nesrby by pass road which may be wide enough to accommodate only one vehicle going forward with the result, the driver would find it difficult to adjust to the new change. The slowness results in traffic jams in all cities.

The traffic jams are not inevitable especially during peak hours where office goers, school goers and college goers rush to their respective place. Early morning 8-10 AM and also in the evening 5-9 PM, if there is no rash or reckless driving and all the driving people follow strict rules and regulations, there will not occur any accident. This is a fantastico solution. People don’t follow rules because of them only accident is maximum. If they follow rules, the accidents will be minimum. But only when one vehicle is overtaking another vehicle, accidents occurs at a large extent. This can be avoided by maintaining a cool head in these circumstances. Only at the time of peak hours the drivers have to act prudently to avoid accident.

Adhering to rules and regulations make all the difference. When we are on the road we have to obey traffic rules and obey the order of Traffic Policemen. It is for our own good and it is formulated only for our benefit. If we don’t follow it, it will result in trouble or I can assure, it can snatch a life too. Traffic jams are demons. We must be very careful with traffic jams otherwise, we may be swallowed by the demon. Where there is no signal to guide us for stopping the vehicle when it is red and proceed it is green and this will be followed by all because of the training and lessons all the drivers get at the time of obtaining driving license.

More and more vehicles are entering into the road because  all the auto mobiles and two wheeler manufactures are producing more and more vehicles and  anew brand is introduced  now and then to fill the market. The Government is making all the efforts to give a very good infrastructure as far as highways are concerned and roads are very much regulated to avoid accidents.

Only after waiting traffic jam, one is able to realize the inconvenience. It would be a very tough journey for all if they encounter the same. There are many flyovers and subways, bridges to minimize the traffic jam. It is the duty of the drivers to take the ride smoothly despite the fact, it would be a very much job for them.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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