Happily ever after

There are various changes in the world. When we compare the world with yesterday and today, there is a lot of change. Whether it is the emotional beliefs of various people, financial risks, physically disabled people, mentally disabled people, the number is just a percentage. Murder too have increased. Why?

Who told the murderer to murder?Who told the rapists to rape? Most of the murder, rape, etc is because of poorly educated people. Am I wrong? No, I am 100% right. A murderer wants to satisfy his desire by preying on the weak. Satisfaction, he is unsatisfied in some area? What is that? Money, power, sex. Tick the options.The government can print currency how much ever it wants. Helping tendency is missing in this world. Am I wrong?I am again right. Why only this much of money a government has to print? Let the poor people also enjoy the benefits we have.

The government has give in to their selfish desires. They have homes. The government servant too has become like that.  I am talking about some of them.

Children in schools must be taught moral education, a compulsory subject and Human rights instead of History. All the children in India are poorly educated. The book can be understood only by teachers? What the hell? The authorities should make a book even the children can understand say for sixth standard to twelfth standard.

All children must compulsorily give a chance to prove themselves. They can choose any subject they like.If they like Physics, hate Chemistry, they don’t have to learn that. If they like Botany but not Zoology, they don’t have to learn that. They are going to be majoring in only one subject in college. Then why the confusion?

Do not complicate the life of the children. They are very delicate. What we teach and how we teach or behave becomes a plus point or minus point of the children. The government has to be educated first.

It is making so many mistakes, not realizing the consequences. Why do we have to fight with other countries telling in a funny way- strengthening the bond(sports and entertainment)?. We can at least use the money to build homes, give free education and arrange employment for the poor.

I don’t understand how the government but what do I understand is the government is playing with lives. It is because of mistakes ruthless people, a common man’s life is threatened,

When will our country become like United States of America and United Kingdom? Tomorrow. When that tomorrow will come. I don’t really understand it as a citizen. There are many rich people in India. If the government asks politely, they will give their money for building homes for the poor people and giving employment also.

Where is wrong, we have to be right and identify it. The government should right their wrongs immediately. Sometimes we think life is greener at other side but this is not true. They have got their own set of problems.

Our government’s primary duty should be giving free education to children below the age of 14(all children), building homes for the poor, changing the education system, creating more employment due to the demand, etc.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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