Roof Gardening

Impact of roof gardening

Due to increase in food inflation, the cost of vegetables has shoot up to a higher level, low income people or poor people cannot purchase vegetables for their day-to –day cooking. In such a scenario, gardening comes to the rescue of the people. Especially roof gardening is the best solution for the same. It requires a small space where sunlight will be available and water to the minimum requirement is necessary.

Now the Government is offering a helping hand to those who are interested in having their own roof garden by supplying seeds, fertilizers, etc. We have to collect the same from the respective administrative offices and we have to follow the instructions to undertake the task of maintaining the same.

The more labor, the more profit.

We have to make some efforts to look after the roof garden

  1. Watering the plants is the first priority as water is one of major source of nourishment for them
  2. Manure is needed to supplement the growth of the plant
  3. Sufficient sunlight should be there for the steady and sustained growth of the plants
  4. Any insects we see should be removed by utilizing proper fertilizer

Advantages of roof gardening

We can get the vegetables for our house that will be fresh and cost is cheaper when we work out all the labor charges and other miscellaneous expenses.

It would be a great hobby to see our own garden to grow up. Instead of wasting our time in going to the market and purchase the vegetables, we can have our vegetable at our doorstep. Even if we get good harvest we can take them to the market and sell so that we can gain some amount for our other expenses. The list of advantages will go up according to our hard work, imagination, and creativity. Even we can help others to develop such a roof garden in their place and we can get a small charges for the same. In the course of time you will become a mini agriculturalist and learn to be patient, make mistakes and see the answers, experiment new things and become aware of the consequences, etc.












A very, very important instruction which is to be adhered to at any cost is that the plants should be watered every day even one day missing means the plant may wither on its own because of dehydration . Hence we have to be very careful about the watering.  If we make it a routine affair, it would be very easy to monitor the plants.  What we sow, we reap. How true the proverb. If we what we genuinely sow is good, only good can come out of it nothing bad will come out of it. The plants/trees have to be taken care of daily and we have to be very careful not to miss out on anything. They are like humans. We eat food and we drink water. This rule applies to plants also. Not throwing the egg shells, onion wastes, etc and putting them as fertilizer will aid the plant grow faster than expected.

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