It’s no child’s play

Children are said to be Gods own gift to parents and they are adored and admired by everyone. Every kid is special to its parents and for others also, because today’s kid is tomorrow’s king. They are the pillars of future India. Hence every effort should be taken to monitor their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The parents must take care of the children’s needs and wants when the children are under 13 years old. Before that, they can also train the children about the do’s and don’ts so that they are able to survive in this world where disappoint is high.For that we have to prepare play grounds and parks in a proper place easily accessed by them.

In the evening, the parents should bring the children to the playgrounds or the parks and allow them to play and enjoy themselves. It would give great strength and a sense of happiness and fulfillment. This sort of fulfillment will not be available in any other activity.

A peppy talk about New technology which means new head ache to parents.

Nowadays we see the children are holding one or other electronic gadget namely smart phone, IPad and playing video games or seeing some cartoon movies. This habit is very much dangerous as it is plucking the chance of creativity with the result that they are becoming addicts and losing the charm of childhood. It is high time parents should realize the danger their children falling prey to these gadgets and thereby ensure their normal growth in all aspects. In schools, teachers can make them learn good values and discipline but at the same time parents should not overlook their role as the guardian and guide them. And there should be a close observation of children for any change in behavior so that they don’t have any physical as well emotional problem.  A little talk in the evening when the children come back from the school should be shared about the happenings in the school during the daytime as the saying all that glitters is not gold.

Children should be taught to behave properly with elders and with their peers. Discipline should be encouraged and any indiscipline should be discouraged so that they learn to become great leaders in the future.

Play and learn method is the best method to teach any child since the brain of the child Is only at growing stage . They should not be burdened with heavy subject and tough exercise. The curriculum should be so smooth and simple, the children should feel comfortable with their studies and there shouldn’t be any pressure. In one school, I came to know that there is no home work and prayer meeting. There is no class room at all because everything is taught in the open air, on the ground. Children are free enough to learn everything at their own pace and speed. They will become respectable citizens in the future and safeguard our country.

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