My take on flowers

It is a fantastico creation by God. Flowers are really wonderful and lovely in the sense they are the only owners of their fragrance. It intoxicates the human mind.

Flowers are wonderful and lovely in the sense they are the only owners of fragrance intoxicating to the human mind. It is said that human beings also possess this fragrance. Both are inherent in their respective bodies. Flowers have the quality to beautify any place wherever it is decorated or kept and they give a visual treat to the eyes of human beings which lingers as a result for a longer period in our minds.

Jasmine flower is exported

In Tamil Nadu, there’s a famous city called Madurai. In this city, a variety of flower is grown but it is country wide known for production of Jasmine flower. It is grown up and daily the flowers are plucked up from the plants. It is exported to the rest of cities in Tamil Nadu. This Jasmine flower has got one of the best fragrance comparing to other flowers, it soothes one’s mind, this is well-liked by the women folk like me. Garlands and Bouquets are made by people using many flowers and it is used for marriages and other functions. It is believed that they are supposed to bring prosperity and wealth for the mankind. Employment is given to many people because of Jasmine flower. It is sure a source of income for the poor people. Apart from peddlers and road vendors so many people are involved in this trade.

Men and women pray to God using flowers

It is a principle that is followed strictly by Hindus especially to pray to God by offering flowers at the time of Pooja. Various types of flowers not only Jasmine flower is used for this purpose. Along with Thulasi leaves which is an herbal plant, flowers are made into garlands. These garlands are placed in front of God and prayers are chanted by the priest. Touching, feeling  and observing the flowers in details itself a fitting medication and it gives a soothing effect to the mind . It renovates the stressed mind and lead us to a very peaceful atmosphere.

Flower show is an attraction at all hill stations

Flower show is arranged in almost at all hill stations once in a year to attract tourist as this is a great thing to be enjoyed by all the people. The flowers are made into animals shape so that children would enjoy it very much.  This will be a great stress buster and everyone will be attracted to such a great treat for the eyes.

Kurunji flower flower blooms once in a year

Among the flowers Kurinji flower is said to bloom once in a year. It is the rarest flower and it will be in a bigger size. Like these we can come across variety of flowers which speak a great about the nature’s blessings to mankind. We should take time to observe these flowers in our leisure time so that we can be always grateful to the almighty for the wonderful and amazing creation of such flowers.

They are very much valuable in such a way that some sorts of flowers are utilized to produce medicines for incurable diseases and perfumes.

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