My take on animals

Animals are always our best friend despite the fact they don’t have sixth sense like us. They are helping us to be aware of nature which is their source of livelihood. They depend on nature for inhaling the air and drinking the water just like us.

Loyalty thy name is dog

How many people will agree to this?We cannot find a fantastico companion like dogs. Dogs are said to be very much loyal to their masters.They are preferred to be kept by many people because of their obedient nature unlike other animals and complete loyalty to their owners. I personally have seen a dog which is not eating anyother food other than their owner’s food. When the lady who is serving food to the pet, that is the dog when she has gone out it won’t take food at all. We have heard a story about a dog which will be visiting Airport in the evening when its master has left for his native place and never returned. Such a great memory, the dog possesses. It is very much grateful to its master and nobody can deny the fact that they can be trained to do some tasks and keep it like that for security purpose.

Elephant is a very kindhearted animal

Even though the size of the elephant will threaten anybody especially me by heart,  the animal is  said to be very much kind and thoughtful. Once there was a function at a temple and all the elephants are assembled to entertain the visitors. Suddenly one elephant got agitated and tried to attack human beings.At that time one elephant took all the mahout out and went to a safer place. She wants to protect every one. How kind of the animal, isn’t it? Humans are a threat to the animal not the other way around.

Cat is very much different from dog

Cat is not like dog. Cats are also kept as pets by some people. Dogs used to urinate on the electric post so that the other dogs may come to know about the presence of this dog in the street. But the cat is not like this. It is very much clean and always particular about cleanliness.

Love birds and fishes

Some have love birds at their home and fishes also and take care of them by changing their environment and making it clean. They give them nutritious food. Fishes are very much sensitive unless or otherwise we are very careful they won’t survive in the new environment. After changing the water some fishes may die or all fishes may die. Likewise, love birds are also said to be taken care of with caution as they fall prey to dogs and cats.

Animals play a vital role in saving our environment and they should be guarded against any threats. Some animals have got the instinct to safeguard humans from natural calamities like earthquake and flood. Due to building so many houses and apartments in the cultivation land, animals are coming to the urban area where we live and try to disturb us.

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