My favorite

The below are my two most favorite soap opera and I am telling you to watch these shows to have real fun and entertainment. There’s no pornography or that strong adult/violent content in these shows like in India. You will be surprised how much you love these shows from Indian shows (which says the same thing-Saas Bahu serials and in movies, the villains and the heros-Hate and love). It gives much relief from all that non-sense.

High Kick 3 : The revenge of the short legged

I am not sure why they named this serial which runs for half and hour(below 130 episodes), revenge of the short legged. But High Kick really suits the title because the serial is a third story about two families and how they are connected to each other through a tunnel when Nae sung, the father of two teenagers accidently digs underground to escape from the debtors. It was very funny and it sure is a fantastico story. Actor Lee Jong Suk and Krystal fight with each other in this serial from the beginning. Kang Seung yoon is a great musician, he has serials helping syndrome, and he can’t say, “No” to anyone he meets. He believes strongly, the earth is a square and he is actively in a blog where people believe earth is square. He wants to become the president of his country. Does Lee Jong Suk express his love for his neighbor girl? Why his neighbor girl love Lee Jong Suk’s uncle?Does Kang Seung Yoon become the president? Did Nae sung pay off his debtors? What happened to Jin Hee after she got a nice job that pays her more? Watch the story to find out.

I can hear your voice

This is also a serial, where Lee Jong Suk is the main protagonist. Lee Jong Suk and actress Lee Bo Na are the two major cast. When actor Lee Jong Suk was young, his father is murdered. Due to that incident he is able to hear what other person is thinking. Young Lee Bo Na and her fr-enemy are the only witness. While her frenemy betrays her at the end, Young Lee Bo Na(the role is played by actress Kim So Hyun), walks bravely and tells about the crime done by the man. After 10 years have passed, Lee Bo Na somehow becomes court appointed advocate, now the man who killed Lee Jong Suk”s father want to take revenge on Lee Bo Na. Will Lee Jong suk save Lee Bo Na from getting killed? Watch the story. It has lot of fun elements in it. You can’t fall in love with Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Na’s character. Lee Bo Na’s character is quirky, funny, when Lee Jong suk is unfound, she just doesn’t care to win any of her cases. When he returns with no memory, she tries hard to win his case in which he is accused. Her selfish character which is very interesting to watch is a real spot on. This serial runs for one hour and it has 20 episodes.

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