HIV and AIDS(Immunity power is less)

Why HIV/AIDS education?

Each day, the impact of HIV infections are raising at a peak rate especially in our country which is India. What is the real reason? I will give immediate solutions (in my point of view) to eradicate HIV/AIDS in the simplest manner possible.

Sex education in schools and colleges

Sex education is vital in every schools and colleges. Marriage age for men and women can be 24 for both gender. Sex is a sacred thing, we should not make it unholy by having multiple sexual partners. If everyone in this world has one spouse, there will be no death due to HIV/AIDS.

Immunity power

HIV infections arise because of low immunity power. How can we improve or raise our immunity power? By drinking lots of fruit juice and by eating lots of vegetables that makes us live healthily.

Warning people

It is better to be safe than sorry. Educating people about the possibilities of HIV/AIDS in every nook and corner of India. We must let the villagers know it too as there are high chances, they may get this by accident without knowing what caused it.

Schools and colleges should visit villages and hospitals where HIV/AIDS infected people are there.

If schools doen’t agree, the colleges must make it compulsory to visit HIV/AIDS affected people in hospitals. They must see these people talk about how they got HIV/AIDS. If no one is willing to talk about it, then the management can talk about some of their patients and how they got the disease.

Ignorance and Fear
Ignorance and fear are two things which must be implemented in our life. We must ignore all things that tempts us such as for men and women, sex workers (I am talking about some), and abolish their fears from the root.

Impact of HIV/AIDS
Many don’t know why they want to see other women or men when they have a spouse already. Their spouse may be incompatible with them or they may be less beautiful/handsome than the other person who they are seeing. This is not to be blamed. They are right, of course. Two partners are okay, if they go to many sexual partners because of sex addiction, then arises this problem, HIV infection leading to AIDS.

Do animals have any of the diseases, we, humans are worrying, HIV/AIDS, Malignant cancer, Diabetes, etc. The answer is “No” or we know only when we take it to a veterinarian but the animals doesn’t worry for itself if there is a solution to its disease. It comes back to normal like it used to. Do they get HIV/AIDS?
Since we started to speak, we have been doing stupid things in this world. This world has become a corrupted world where sympathy for fellow humans is missing. There is a famous proverb, when you have a problem, 5% will help, 15% don’t care, 80% will be happy you had them. This is a very harsh truth but we have to accept it.
HIV/AIDS can be cured if the scientists put their genuine effort as to how to fight the HIV infections and win the battle.



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