Bio-medical engineering and Biotechnology

Impact of Bio-medical engineering

Engineering is a subject most of the students opt for these days but they all choose the same what their seniors have studied such as computer engineering, electronic and communication engineering, Marine engineering, EEE, Mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.

There are various other engineering courses but only a few choose them and shine brightly. Bio medical engineering is one among them. It is a great subject especially for women. Health care services and improvement in life is enough proof, the need for these people. These people are in high demand in hospitals and health care centers. It is not a small issue, this is a big issue. It must be taken seriously and many students should try their hand in Bio-medical engineering. It has very interesting subjects as they are learning about human life. It is said that it’s a combination of all engineering subjects including IT.  This engineering study is new to India. So it is still at developing stage but nonetheless no one can disagree the fact, it is a subject that quenches a man/woman’s thirst for knowledge.

If your children or your niece/nephew or friend’s daughter/son don’t know what to study after their 12th standard, advise them to choose Bio-medical engineering. Material engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical engineering, and Chemical engineering. In this subject, they will learn about Bio-materials, Research and development, 3-D analysis, system analysis, etc apart from basics, “Need to know about all kinds of engineering”. It is quite an amazing and thrilling subject. Even HIV/AIDS will have a cure if we encourage these people who choose to be different.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in any engineering, anybody can go for biomedical engineering if they didn’t choose it earlier. The great impact of this subject is really amusing. Instead of studying MS abroad after doing mechanical, chemical, electronics and communication engineering, one can study in India itself as the scope for Bio-medical engineering is vast. If anyone you know has completed his/her twelfth standard, you can advise them to choose Bio-medical engineering if you really care for them.

Training in life science is given in Bio-medical engineering, if you choose other engineering departments, then you have to get trained in the subject, Life science. The colleges will tell more about it.

Impact of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is another department which still needs more exploration. Tell a child, learn about his/her life on earth, you will be blessed in abundance by a higher power. In biotechnology, they learn more about how plants and trees are cultivated, how do they make cool drinks, etc. In general, do’s and don’t in human life. Plastic material is one fine example. After finishing Biotechnology, a passed student will have a clear idea of how to live in this world. He/she will not use plastics for sure. They are able to learn lot of things about human consumption whether it is harmful or helpful to the body. Not only these, there are many other things taught in Biotechnology.

In India, what is the problem is, children are not given due attention to their pleas and the children are unaware of their rights. If all children study their favorite subjects and choose their favorite department in colleges, that is when we can proudly say, we have created the world’s greatest scientists, we have created the world’s greatest painters, we have created the world’s greatest musicians, we have created the world’s greatest researchers, we have created the world’s greatest doctors, we have created the world’s greatest engineers, etc.

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