Impact of computers-Boon/Bane

Many people say computer is a boon. It is indeed a boon. But are we using it wisely? There are various cybercrimes reported in police stations and CBI also deals with such cases as it is very hard to nail a person who bullies people online. I was a victim of cyber bullying myself so I know the pain.

Invention of computer is a bane in today’s society for many people though they don’t realize it. Only a chosen few use it in a clever manner. Others just wastes their time by chatting on various social such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Instagram, etc. Why do we need all this? To connect with friends. Can’t we connect with friends through our mobile phones? Nobody has an answer.

So I will answer to the above question. I want to connect with people all over the world and want to know how they are living. How we are different from them? What separates us being best friends?

The country we are born in is just a title. We can go to any country if we have money. But that’s not easy. It is easier said than done.

We have heard this proverb many times. We can talk how much ever want but it is very difficult to walk the talk. Computers make our life very stressful. How many people will say, ‘yes’?

It is indeed true for me. As I created a FB account, I have to know what other people are doing, I love stalking many of my foreign friends and if I find any interesting person I love to chat with them.

The next day I will wake up thinking what my loved one has posted on her FB status. It’s a wonderful feeling but I am addicted to it. So I thought of deleting FB account but thinking about losing my precious foreign friends, I am afraid to delete it.

Foreign friends are a boon to me. I am able to learn about lot of things about their way of talking.It was possible only through computer. I have Indonesian friends, friends from Philippines, Australian friends, Americans from Florida and Texas, Korean friends, etc

I have had a chance to speak to a friend from Florida and an Indonesian friend only. Other people I just think they didn’t grab my attention. It was nice chatting with them.

Computer is a boon as it stores data and enables us to keep track of extraordinary things by making life simpler. We just have to decide how we are planning to utilize it.

Sometimes, we realize our life is leading nowhere, then be like me, take risks by adding more and more foreign friends. After seeing them, you will know how gifted and fortunate you are.

I am not playing. It is true. Just add a foreign friend and stalk him/her without bothering them, how does their posts sound like, how is their language, how are they talking to their friends, etc. You will know how to improve yourself. Through their mistakes, you will learn not to make a mistake.

I conclude by saying that computer is a boon it’s impact is amazing and sometimes horrific, only if we are trying to improve ourselves otherwise it’s just a idiot box which wastes our precious time. One day will come, where you will worry why you didn’t manage time properly.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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