How to make vegetable cutlets and sandwiches

Snacks when we hear this word, what comes to our Indian minds? Spicy samosas, sandwiches, vegetable cutlets, pizzas, burgers, etc. I am going to tell you exactly how to make vegetable cutlets and rich sandwiches because all the other things falls under the category junk food. Do you agree with me? Vegetable cutlet is a very simple dish and it needs barely thirty minutes to cook it. It’s a worldwide known dish.

A peppy talk about making vegetable cutlets

Firstly, in order to make vegetable cutlets, how much time one needs?

It depends how fast you are able to cut the vegetables and smash them. If it takes you fifteen minutes to do that, it will take just half an hour to make the vegetable cutlet ready to eat. It is a very healthy dish actually.








Green chilly

Turmeric powder

Chilly powder

Garam Masala powder

Corn flour

Bread crumbs


Salt to taste

 The above are the ingredients. Smash the potatoes after boiling it in hot water for about ten minutes.Peel off the outer layer and smash them with a big spoon. Four potato is enough for four persons.

Beans, carrot , beetroot must be equally cut. Two numbers is enough. We can add how much ever onion we want. I will say, for four persons, 3 big onion is satisfactory. I will tell you how to cook so that you doesn’t have to be confused by me. If you know the basics, you can cook any innovative food items.

Method of cooking vegetable cutlet

First, chop the onions, beetroot, beans, carrots. In a pan put these vegetables without adding water or oil. After 20 minutes, switch off the stove. You can grind it too. Add smashed potato and these vegetables. Add chili powder, salt and turmeric powder. Mix them well. You can add garam masala powder if you want more spice.

In a pan, spread six-eight breads and cook it well and grind it. Bread crumbs is ready now. Now make balls of the vegetables and mix it with corn flour and bread crumbs and boil it well in oil.

Spicy, healthy, tasty, ready to eat vegetable cutlet is now ready. Cutlet making is very easy to make, isn’t it?

We can also cook this in microwave oven. You just have to know the basics.

A peppy talk about making sandwiches

Another tasty food is bread sandwich, not “witch” but “wich”.I say witch because it tempts me to eat it very often. I make this sandwich frequently.


Two breads

Pudina chutney

 Chopped onions

Chopped tomatoes

Tomato sauce

One slice of cheese


Method of cooking

Heat two breads simultaneously in a pan. After cooking the bread, take it out and add pudina chutney in one bread. Then add chopped onions, chopped tomatoes before adding cheese to it. Heat the bread again in a bread toaster or in a normal pan. A very, very tasty and delicious bread sandwich is ready to eat.

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