A thorough analysis about getting a shiny body

A peppy talk about making your skin glow-

Drink lots of Water

Drinking water is the first and foremost thing any human being must do. Even water plays a major role in all living beings like plants, trees, our houses, etc. Without drinking water, our body will be dehydrated. So if you want your skin to shine, you should drink lots of waters. Drink at least 4 litres of water a day. That is more than enough. Too much of anything is good for nothing. As the saying goes, you should not over drink water.If you have heat body, you can any amount of water and get yourself hydrated.

Watch what you eat

Are you sure you are eating nutritious food? If so, name them all and put down a list. Is there any junk foods on the list?Separate them from nutritious food.Which is high? Junk food or nutritious food? So now you know what you are doing to your body. Junk foods takes away your otherwise shiny skin. That is why our ancestors have said, eat nutritious food and see how healthy I was and how healthy you are. They are absolutely right. Nutritious food is the second most solution to all lifeless skin

Have you tried exfoliating your skin?

If your skin is too dry, what you must do is exfoliate it with oil and crystal salt. Apply olive oil or coconut oil on your bare skin. Let it dry for half an hour. After that, exfoliate the skin with crystal salt. Do this twice a week.You can see your face on your skin if your skin is very fair. There are “loofas” available at all departmental shops nowadays, so you can buy that too. Other skin type people like oily skin and normal skin can exfoliate their skin with powdered orange skin and water.

Apply moisturizing lotion or astringent

Is your skin type dry? Then buy one of the best moisturizing lotion in the market. Is your skin type oily? Buy one of the best astringent available in the market. Make sure, you do this to avoid paying a hefty fee to a skin doctor.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Surely, an apple a day may keep the doctor away but eating nutritious fruits all the time will also keep the doctor away. This is my own version of truth. Eat fruit according to your skin type but there is no fruit in this world that is not good for all skin types, bear this in mind.

Do you usually wear makeup?

Makeups, one of the devil which does more harm than good. Remove the makeup at night. Wash it off with warm water. Apply a moisturizing lotion, if your skin is too dry and if your skin is too oil wash it off with hot water by using sponge. That’s it!

Look at your feet and hands

We are too occupied to worry about our face and body, we forget one part of the body which is the feet and the hands. If you have a crack on your feet or your hand is dry, apply petroleum jelly or quick heal ointments. Try pedicure and manicure too once in a month. First save the money.

Did you love this peppy information?

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