A peppy talk about proposal

It takes real guts to say, “I love you” to whom you love. Men does’t have problem with this but most of us women do. We think, our dignity is threatened. If it’s an existing love, there is no problem. If it’s a love that needs to be given a voice, it can be a nerve wrecking one. If you want to convey your feelings to your loved one, say it like you mean it.

Ask these questions to yourself before you say, “I love you” or taking your love to the next level, marriage?

• Are your sure the person you love, will she/he love you back until the end? It is just a waste of time, so when you start loving him/her say it within a week that you love him/her to save time.
• Are you sure you both are compatible? Many love marriages end up in courts? How many divorce cases are in India? Calculate the math. Are you sure, you will not fall under this category?
• Are you sure, you will lead a happy, prosperous life? How can you be sure about it?
• Are you sure, you know your lover’s or future lover’s family really well?
• Are you sure, your lover’s or future lover’s family will accept your relationship? Be prepared for the storm.
• Are you sure, your lover or your future is the one made for you?How can you be sure about this? The mutual feeling may turn into a disaster later on your life.It will become a big issue.
• Are you sure, you will lead a satisfactory life when you have him/her by you side?
• Are you sure, you will raise your future children how to be a good citizen to the society?
• Are you sure, you will be one happy family?

If your answer is “Yes” for the majority of the questions stated above, go on and propose to your soul mate if you haven’t yet. If your answer is a “No”, then it is not love, it is lust or it is spur of the moment love. Don’t fall into this cateogory. Your lover may be very beautiful or very handsome, you may be attracted to him/her on first sight. But how can it be a blessing to you while you are barely willing to listen to your conscience.


Your inner voice or instinct may be always right. Listen to it. If you are the most level headed person, marry a little less level headed person. He or she will fight for you in all situations. They will care for your well-being and will always protect you from all harm.

Don’t be a fool by proposing to a man or woman, you admire. You don’t know about their family and how will they react to your proposal, you don’t know but you can ask him/her directly. If he/she declines your proposal, never mind, there are crores and crores of woman and man on this planet which is this fantastico earth.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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