A fantastico facts about Octopus

You will be very surprised to know how many species of octopuses are in this world? It is 250. Fishes, crabs, etc how many species are there?Human is also a species. How many species of humans are there actually? Count the number of countries and name the species accordingly. I am going to discuss about octopuses only here on this post. So if you want me to write about human species, please let me know. I am available 24/7. Octopuses are members of the cephalopod and it includes two fishes- Squid fish and Cuttlefish. It is believed that they are more intelligent than humans. I believe so too. In a football match, a small octopus predicted which country is going to win. Do you all remember this? They are more intelligent than us. They have fine brains. Some people eat them but I am not sure whether eating them gives them the intelligence they seek.The octopuses are able to avoid the predators with their intelligence.

Baby octopus are neglected by their parents. They are left to survive on their own as soon as they are hatched from their eggs.In Paralarvae stage they eat starfish and larval crabs. It is necessary for the baby octopus to survive on the paralarval stage otherwise they will hunted down by the predators.


When they are in ocean, they grow very quickly. The vulnerability of the baby octopus is so great, that 5% growth daily will make it stronger and stronger. Thousands and thousands of octopuses reach their maturity by surviving on their own. They are self-taught. Nobody teaches them on the topic how to survive on sea.

Other sea living creatures poses a threat to the baby octopus and eat them also. So baby octopus growth at various stages helps it to survive and avoid the predators. When they gain their full size, their brain starts to work to feed themselves and avoid themselves from predators even humans who hunt them down for eating purposes.

It is believed that only two to four giant octopuses on the pacific will reproduce. Adult male octopus will mate with mate with female octopus that are younger than them as the female octopuses is known to prefer a male octopus that has more experience and it acts with maturity.

A baby octopus becomes an adult octopus within two years. After the mating, the male octopus usually dies. A female octopus can lay more than 100000 eggs and it makes sure that her offspring are protected in her den and they receive sufficient oxygen. A male octopus can mate with any number of female octopus and vice versa.

A female octopus does not eat while protecting her eggs and after releasing the eggs she is relieved and she disowns them. The baby octopuses grow on their own.

Many octopuses live only two years but a giant octopus is said to live more than four years. As long as they don’t mate, they will reach five years. What do you think about the fantastico matter?

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