An advice to all

Being Fantastico Perfect

There’s no human being born perfect. Even they are born perfect, the cruel world will somehow make them imperfect.This world is not for perfect people. Perfect people have to adjust because of the social niceties.So they are naturally imperfect, instead of blaming the society, they have to put the blame on themselves. How to improve themselves, how to live a happy life, how to make their loved ones smile, how to earn a secured life, etc

Does somebody bothering you

Gossipsers are nosy people.If they have big noses, they are surely gossipers and eavesdroppers. This kind of mentality is wrong. Everyone in this world gossips.I have a medium sized nose, I also gossip within my family. I am here stressing the words, I am not gossiping outside my family. We talk about good things not bad things. Distant relatives, a family friend’s sudden death, etc.

In schools, I was a loner. So you can come to a conclusion, everybody gossiped about me but because of stubbornness even though I rarely had it. I was nice enough to tell them I had no problem eating alone.

At the end of the day, who we are willing to please

Sometimes, we don’t know for whom we are living. Married couple know for who they are living or for who they are going to live. Their children. Am I right or wrong? They save their money on banks, various investments, etc. So why do all this when you have a very simple solution. Never have children. I have heard many people in my family circle say, this one drains all my energy, that one made me cry, etc. I guess if they have foreseen their future before itself, they would haven’t married in the first place is my strong belief. Let’s live for ourselves not for others. God helps those who help themselves.

Take pleasures in the simple things

Buying grocery items, talking to your neighbors, chatting with a best friend for a long time on phone, etc. Take pleasures in these simple things. Be happy and smile always even to a stranger. They will think you are a nice human being. They will not take advantage of you, if they do, just say, “No” in the nicest way possible. You will realize when you are at ripe old age, the simple things are the most extraordinary things in life.

Don’t change your job often

If you are the kind of person who changes job very often, don’t do this from now on. I amYou are just wasting your time. Aren’t you satisfied with your salary? If you are satisfied with your salary, why do you want change job? If you are not growing in the job then you can change it.

Some people change their job for a hike in their salary. It is good as long as they don’t become addicted to money that they fail to come to this world.

Help the unfortunate

You have got some money, help those people with needs and wants in orphanage homes and old age homes. Their blessings will surely take you to heaven.I guarantee you. But if you keep one foot in the clean water and another foot in the sewage water, no one can help except God.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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