The alien

An impact of the alien

My parents married in in the year 1981. They got their own children only after 10 years. But they adopted two children after their five years of marriage for one month and said them goodbye because one month was the allowance, the church father gave(They told them to adopt them if they like them but they declined). They were also trying to have their own children. They went to hospitals, prayed in churches, their parents prayed too, etc.

I just want to ask, why all these stupidity in getting their own children. What is the matter with most of the people all around the world?

The joy of birth is a lovely thing. The babies are really, really cute. But they are not realizing their children are one day going to die like them. Death is a curse. They don’t realize that. How many orphanage children are in the world? How many neglected old age people are in the world?How many beggars are in the world?

How many languages we speak considering all around the world-Tamil, Telugu, Kannadam, Malayalam, Konkani, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, British English, American English, etc.

Who created all these languages?Who created the letters? Have we ever pondered? Is it the aliens? Is the alien who created us is the director of our lives. How many planets are there actually? Is anybody there, can we shout like this? Here, in this world, we are a higher creature, we have got power over the animals and also upon our fellow humans sometimes.

We eat goat, chicken, prawns, fish, octopus, crab, pork, beef, etc. Who told us to eat these and some plants, vegetables and fruits?Who created the plants and tress for us to eat its vegetables and fruits? The first humans how did they create clothes for themselves? What was the necessity? We can live without clothes if there are only two people-me-the wife and my spouse-husband.

Were the first humans afraid of the alien I am talking about?It is the creator.

In Christianity, we say this always at many times during the mass.In the name of the Father(Mind), In the name of the Son(Heart), In the name of the Holy Spirit on my side, Amen.

Do you understand the mentality of God, now?Or for atheists, the alien. How did we come to the earth. Who put us here?. Why do we have the power to do the right thing and also the wrong thing? Why we have dreams?Why our heart and mind is disturbed when a person or a group of person insult us?

Eyes, ears, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, hands , legs, bones, facial structure and body structure are enough proofs that somebody created us. Who is a ?How is a ? We just have to use our common sense and be practical and down to earth. If you adopt(whoever reading this post) children, you don’t have to worry about disappointment or worry about your children asking you politely to go to old age homes. The alien will bless us if we do this. Yesterday is different from today. Today is different from tomorrow.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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