An impact of Good parenting and good management

In many unique ways, the world is going somewhere but whether we are moving forward or going backward must be analysed thoroughly. The scientific inventions has made us lazy and we are always dependent on something or someone. In those days, ladies were considered to be the stronger sex, even if men didn’t say it, it was the truth. For instance, in those days, women gave birth to more than four children. There was no epidural then. So the pain of childbirth cannot be put into words. But they actively took part in taking care of the household and also taking care of all their children.

My grandparents have eight children. Many of them have done master’ s degree, one of them is a chemical engineer, another one is a software engineer, some have completed M. Phil. Only my mother hasn’t completed her college. She didn’t want to study and she failed in her math’s exam in college.She was also married at that time. What I want to say, managing eight children take guts. But my grandparents embraced it boldly and made all their children shine in their own ways.

My grandfather is a double M.A holder, he was an economics professor. He lived by a principle. His children had to follow these principles as long as they live with them. For instance, all his children must complete their homework in the hall itself, then only they must enter other rooms. When they are eating, my grandmother cooked their least favorite vegetable, they have to eat it. No escaping. They got my mother married at the age of 18.

Management of household with eight children was very possible in those days. But nowadays, it poses as a threat. Am I wrong? The world is not moving forward, it is indeed moving backwards. Having only two children itself, many parents are complaining, if they have eight children, do the math. They will commit suicide. But I think it will work for the best. In case of sharing the household burden.

I can’t deny the fact, the quality of living has improved and improvements in education, but still needs to be improved more. If there was ever a good education system, we wouldn’t see many men and women committing crimes. Moral education must be a compulsory subject in all schools whether CBSE, State Board or ICSE.

The attitude of some children needs to be changed. They have ego issues and struggle to feel sympathy for their parents. This must be changed. History subject must be removed totally and the educational minister give more importance to the rights of human beings. The children should be prepared to face the challenges the country poses now and then.

Distribution of resources must be equal to all states. If one state is producing one good, another state must produce another good and they must exchange it equally. We are Indians first, our ego should not corrupt our minds. Give everyone what they deserve. Poor people if they got what they deserve, they will be able to achieve more than us.What impact your effect is on your children or students?State below in the comment box.


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