A peppy conversation between true friends

‘Hey, Priya! What’s up! You have come so early to school’ enquired Reena.

‘Nothing like that. You know that my mother and my father work. That’s why I was not able to come to school early. Now they have found a solution to my problem which is they have hired a housemaid to look after my needs. So obviously you can come to a conclusion that I will come early from today onwards’, said Priya.

‘Okay, great. Let me tell you, since you have come early, let us explore other classes.I was doing it alone since you are my only friend’ said Reena.

‘Ha Ha! You and your exploration. Does it have any limits?’, playfully said Priya.

‘Oh!Look who is saying. You bugged me always about irritating questions about the world and people and now you are talking about silly pleasures going to other classes’ said Reena.

‘At least I am not nosy. I am talking about the world and people, you know. Generally speaking we have to gain knowledge about how the world works. The world is no longer a safer to live. Humans are killing humans. They have become Gods. They rule the world and ask us to follow the rules and regulations while they themselves don’t follow it’, fought back Priya.

‘Oh my guru!I agree to whatever you say. But don’t become so serious about politics and social causes. It will become a poison. We play chess right. Somebody without making a checkmate, they will cheat and win over you. Just saying. People like that’ claimed Reena.

‘Thank you so much my dear Reena for caring and being so affectionate.Let us go to other classes as you suggested and have some fun too’ said Priya.

‘At last, I am glad, you understood my point of exploring. After we explore the classes, don’t become too involved with their petty issues. Take it with a pinch of salt and don’t get too angry about the teachers who take children’s for granted that they scolded them for their mistakes in teaching’ advised Reena.

‘Oh!Reena, please enough of your advice. Let’s go explore the other side of the road and see which road is the best of all’ joked Priya.

‘We will go to classes starting from 8th to 12th and see my friends over there. You will get like minded people just like you. Do you want to meet them or not? Let’s move, alright’ shouted Reena.

‘Okay, dear!Let’s move. I want to explore all the classes. Each day we will go to one class at a time and talk to your friends over there. Ms. Righteous’ said Priya.

‘Hey!That’s the name we have kept for you. Why are you calling me by that name. I already have a name Ms.Explorer,’ complained Reena.

‘Okay, okay, Okay! Let’s get the hell of our class and go explore like you suggested’, said Priya.


Priya and Reena best friends from childhood. They always look after each other in times of trouble. They catch each other when they fall down and when they have low self-esteem. They uplift each other’s spirit. They thrive on novelty. They are very adventurers’ people you might have known. Risk talking comes naturally to them.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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