A fantastico truth about the dirt on our shoulder

‘Hey, Stupid! Can’t you see I am sitting here. How can you spit on me, Idiot’, shouted Pauline.

‘Yeah! What’s the problem with Madam. Why are you sitting in a place where I am spitting? You should have foreseen’ answered the man.

‘Am I an astrologer? How will I know you are going to throw your saliva on me? I didn’t realize that I am speaking to a deaf and dumb man’ Pauline said angrily.

‘Madam! You see the world is not all roses. You have to get used to various things. You want to shout, shout at me. But don’t make a scene out of a silly issue’ said the man.

‘Silly issue! I will tell you what is silly. You are born without a brain. I think so. That’s why you are talking shitty things and throwing shitty things. It is because of people like you, who have I don’t care attitude, think as if you own the city and think you can do whatever you want, the world has become a not safer city to live’ explained Pauline.

‘Madam!I will ask you one question. Tell me honestly. You bought a water bottle from this petty shop. Where did you throw it?’ asked the man.

Pauline stumbled. Her face was profusely sweating. She doesn’t know how to answer. But she regained her strength. She spoke, ‘That is different and this is different. Your saliva can spread contagious disease to me. However, the bottle I threw will not become a contagious’.

The man as if he had heard a joke laughed heartily. Other people in the railway station was wondering what is wrong with him.

‘Madam!I will tell you this. First look at your flaws and then point out my flaws. You are a hypocrite so am I . You and I are equal’ said the man.

Pauline was ashamed. She thought for a second about what the man has just said. It is because of people like her and he, the earth is becoming weak day by day. We are witnessing many natural calamities because of people like her and him. She understood what she did was wrong and repented truly.

She told the man sorry and her train just arrived giving a peep sound. She went towards the train with a clarity she so longed and smiled beautifully. She now know what she should do.  She has to first educate her family about the Importance of being righteous and ask them to spread the news.

She promised the man, she will do the right thing as long as she lives in this world. The man smiled and told her, he will also do the same thing with his family.

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Both people who were strangers got inspired and now getting on their feet to tell their family, the good news which is how to make a cleaner India. Shall we everyone?

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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