Impact of smartphones

It has been a decade since smart phones were invented.But it has changed the way we live.Companies have introduced these to help specifically office goers, for they can utilize their time very wisely.If they access the service of smart phones, it will be much easier for them to do communication, that is, chat via Facebook , Twitter and Whatsapp, upload status and images, store their personal data on it, call that one relative who they haven’t spoken for a while.Speaking of generally, smart phones are a boon, definitely not a bane.Read my reasons, both benefits and demerits, then you will be able to understand my point of view.

The Advantages are :

Communication facility

Unlike mobile phones, the smart phone allows innumerable number of communication.Only texting and calling was possible in mobile phones of yesterday.Today, we can email, chat using video calling, access various social media, and so on.This is why replacing our mobile phone is the best solution for many of our problems.

Electricity bill is constantly reduced

When we use desktop, not only it wastes our valuable time, it also causes our electricity charges hike to a large extent.Well, there is an alternative to this which is buying a smart phone.It will VANISH most of our bugging problems.

Comparison-Desktop vs Smart phone

Before we have to depend solely on our PC for everything.For it have to work, it has to have a CPU, monitor, wire connection, etc.This is pretty much saved by today’s smart phones. No wire, no CPU, No monitor .How convenient it has become?If there is cellular coverage, we can access the smart phone anytime, anywhere including we can play video games.

Time consumption

Before we used to boot the computer, wait for at least five-ten minutes for it to open.Now if we think about it, we laugh.The smart phones have made it so much easier for us to use it for various purposes just like desktop except that it helps to save our time.

Appearance is same as Desktop

Smartphone or desktop, the appearance is same,You can browse all websites, any amount of data, the appearance will be the same as desktop.

Helps to edit Microsoft office documents

Smart phones helps to use and edit Microsoft office documents.It consists of the application which enables to edit the documents.

Smart phones have GPS facility

When you are traveling to a place unknown, it is best to have GPS facility on your cellphone.Smartphone too has this attractive quality.

The Disadvantages are :

a)It is costlier than cell phones.

b)It cannot be used to store large amount of data.

c)The storage memory is very limited.It varies from one smart phone to another smart phone.

d)If there is no accessible Internet connection it will not work

e)It can get affected when they are spoiled by water.

Overall, my experience using smart phone was great.It was nice to have something which is quality wise best.East or west, north or south, tablet or computer, smart phone is the best.Having a great time with my smart phone.The disadvantages though turns me off but considering booting on the computer/laptop, I’d rather prefer smart phones more.

If you don’t have a smart phone yet and are thinking of buying one, why not buy a smart phone from Motorola.It has one of the best quality of smart phones in the world.I promise you that you won’t get disappointed.

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