A fantastico solution to oily skin

Oily skin is a great problem to the people who have them. It affects their daily lives by irritating them. These people should clean their face thrice a day.

How to prevent oily skin from occurring and eradicate it from its roots. I will give very simple solutions that everyone can follow.


There are soaps available in the market especially for oily skin. Buy that and use it daily on your face and body. If you do this, you will get rid of oily skin totally.

Face with pimples and blackheads

What shall we do? Add little water to lemon juice and apply it on the face. The face will glow like just born and it will be super smooth but not oily. This will become a reality only if the people with oily skin follow it on a daily basis. These are natural tips.

Foods for oily skin
Avoid eating excessive chocolates, greasy food, friend items, etc. The face becomes oily, pimples are even more due to this basic fact. Look at your eating habits, the solutions to your various skin problems lies there.
Almond and Honey scrub
Grind almond smoothly. Add it with honey. Apply it on the face. Keep it like that for twenty minutes. The skin will feel the difference. Do this in the evening to stop oily skin.

Fuller’s earth
Mix fuller’s earth which can be bought in stores with water. Apply it on your face when you are bathing. You can apply this on other parts of the body too which you think is too oily.

Orange juice
Apply orange juice on your face. Keep it like that for fifteen minutes. Then wash it off. This method is tested. Many people with oily skin have benefitted from either applying lemon juice or orange juice.
The above are all the methods you should follow to avoid oily skin but if you follow a strict diet regimen, you will not get oily skin in the first place. Why do you have oily skin? The answer is very simple. Your eating habits. Watch what you are eating.
The food we eat should not be a slow poison to our health. Our body should thank us for making it healthy. How can we know whether our body is thanking us? If we are happy, have peace of mind and love, our body rejoices in that.

To sum up, oily skin people should follow a strict method than dry skin and combination skin people. As their skin is oily, they have the chance of making their face too ugly due to pimples. So they should follow the simple methods to keep their skin oily free. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple can be blended well and applied on the face. It will help reduce the oiliness.

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